How to lose weight in the office during sedentary work

How to lose weight in the office when the inactive

How to lose weight in the office during sedentary work - tips and advice online magazine «f-Journal.Ru»

sedentary work , frequent snacking biscuits and chocolates, the lack of fulllunch - that's the reality of office life.In such circumstances kgs typed easily, but how they can be reset if the gymnastics and go on a diet of successful business woman just once?

status of a business woman obliges its owner to always look good.But stress, snacks and cooperatives doing their job - kilograms grow and lose weight in terms of office work very hard.A limited number of movements only "help" gain weight.

On the other hand, adhere to a strict diet too, if the job requires a lot of mental costs, it is not recommended.Therefore it is better to follow the simple rules burdensome and a special diet for busy business woman.

So, tips on how to lose weight in a sedentary work

full breakfast

In fact, if a person eats breakfast or lunch only - it is not so important.Just at the time producers

of cornflakes lightly falsified research results and trumpeted to the world about the importance of and the need for breakfast.But for the business woman is better to have breakfast, because Has the opportunity to quietly lunch during the working day - a big question.

«correct» Fruits

Not all fruits can be eaten in the diet.For example, bananas, grapes and avocados can only hurt discharge weight.But apples, pears, mango, kiwi and persimmon not only tasty and healthy, but also accelerate the metabolism and improve the complexion.Therefore, let the office will be on hand these tasty treats that you can always have a snack, and not to satisfy the hunger muffin or chocolate.And snacks are needed to hunger while working to distract.Besides fruits stabilize insulin in the female body and help burn fat.


To normalize the metabolism and lose excess weight is very important to drink enough fluids.Otherwise, the process slows down metabolism and fat burning.But no sweet tea or coffee.This can be a high-quality mineral water and fresh juices.

even artificial sweeteners are harmful for the body.They simply wean the body to perceive sweet, which leads to the fullness of the future.

Healthy sleep

turns out that if ever enough sleep and go to bed after 22 deteriorates adrenal regeneration and there is an additional toxic load on the liver.This, in turn, leads to slow metabolism and weight gain.Therefore, sleep should be given during the diet attention.

enough calories

Diet - this is correct, a special meal, but not the hunger strike.But those who do not consume the minimum daily quota of calories, the body begins to store fat.After all, he "thinks" that the famine.

Office gymnastics

long as nobody sees, you can move around a little bit and do exercises - at least 25 minutes a day.This is enough to maintain your current weight.

Also, if you need something to learn from colleagues sitting in the next room, it is best to approach them, and along with exercise.And do not call them or write to ICQ.In the office, every movement - its weight in gold for those who want to lose weight.

salads for lunch

If in a cafe during the lunch break to eat a salad, it does not guarantee that the extra calories will not increase.For example, only one salad "Caesar", so even with the sauce, as it turned out, calorie hamburger - it contains as much as 452 calories.So do not be fooled by the appearance of some dishes.

Evening rest in front of a TV

No matter how tough day in the office to spend the whole evening in front of the TV is not worth it.Recent research scientists have shown that watching television is much more harmful than even just sitting still.As it turned out, during TV viewing blood pressure, heart rate and metabolic rate is reduced so that for one hour burns only 20 calories - and it is very little.Therefore it is better to communicate with home, a stroll in the evening park near the house, or even to read.

gain excess weight, but the work office and sedentary?dont be upset!It is enough to listen to our recommendations, and the figure will once again be slim!

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