Food in cold weather (cold season)

Food in cold weather

Winter - no time for depression, and a wonderful time of the year.Proper nutrition food in cold weather, sleep and stress can help you feel it

Power in cold weather

Winter alteration of an organism

Our body, our body have their own mind, and very often we ignore itsignals do not attach due importance to them, and yet it is the prevention of the body, which may be expressed in the form of pain, discomfort, discomfort.Like animals, trees and nature in general, that adapt to winter, we also adapt to it, but not so clearly.After all, people - part of nature, too, even though we forget about it and surrounded by the noise of civilization.Trees shed their leaves, some animals hibernate, some for the winter grows thick warm coat, which helps them survive the cold.A human body in the winter need more rest and sleep, the rhythm of life in the winter should be more calm.Our body changes and metabolism, and hormones.Metabolic processes slow down, and therefore the energy consumption in our win

ter is less.Some comes depression associated with a small amount of sunlight, decreasing daylight.Often unknowingly people looking for a source of pleasure in eating.

Features winter supply

Winter food is quite different from the food in the hot season.

organism spends a lot of energy trying to cope with the cold and often us who came from the cold, he immediately wants to warm up with hot tea or coffee, eat a bowl of hot soup or a bowl of hot porridge with meat, not just swallow a sandwich.In winter, be sure to eat hot food: soups, soup, various cereals, boiled and steamed vegetables, tea.Try to eat more useful sweets - namely dried fruit.The raisins, dried apricots, dates, figs, prunes contains a lot of useful and necessary for the body of vitamins and minerals, it is a real treat from nature.Oh honey and fresh fruits also should not be forgotten.

Vegetables should eat and raw and boiled or stewed.Food cooked on the fire, a soft body more easily digest it, it spends less energy is that it is important in the winter.Fatty food - fuel for the body, it is also necessary to use regularly eat meat, fish, chicken.But moderately several times a week, to abuse meat products should not be.

To the food was delicious and aromatic, use spices.Herbs contain a considerable amount of vitamins and food with them much tastier.

Sleep and exercise

save in the winter need more.If possible, go to bed earlier, let the body more rest, an extra hour of sleep has a warming effect.No wonder it gets dark early in winter, and the body sends signals to the rest, do not neglect them.

winter, do not forget about exercise.Half an hour of active load per day raise the spirits, stabilize the level of metabolism, well, good physical shape should always be maintained.

And finally - an important detail

do all this with interest, love and respect for themselves, take care of yourself.Winter is for many - the depression, but this perception depends on the person.Winter can be a wonderful time for you, if you so wish.Experience the charm and beauty of the falling snow, a special sense of peace at this time, the crunch of fresh snow under the soles of his boots, vote perfect beauty of snowflakes and trees covered with frost.There are so many beautiful things!