Should I get married after 30


that you can lose and that you can buy if delay marriage to 30 years

know what most of all afraid of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers?Yes - do not get married.Because the men were from the wars is really small, and the bride - a lot.But troubled times long gone, the guys today, even a little more, according to statistics, than girls, but in the form of atavism "Successfully Exit Marry" somehow I stayed until now.After all, not everything is so quickly forgotten as we would like ... And so even many of today's successful woman, true beauty, the soul afraid to remain the most old maids.And for good reason.

'll have to have ten cats?

Perhaps the most favorite horror story for the older generation of young women is: "Look, stay alone, zavedesh currently ten cats and be like a woman Zina (in the example is a local alcoholic who allegedly drank themselves from loneliness)."

But today, plenty of beautiful and successful business-woman who, even before the 40 years have not started a fam

ily, but did not look unhappy or lonely.Each - their own destiny, and the woman's happiness is not to be completely dissolved in the family.Children and husband - is only one side of life, but love does not depend on the marriage certificate.

On the other hand, the girl who decided to get married after 30, largely wins.She lives for themselves and actively rest, a lot of talking.After all, youth - a golden time, and it did not return.

Child after 30 give birth late?

Yes, indeed, some truth in this.After 25 years, the female body is certainly not getting younger, and itself already weak for pregnancy than younger.But with the right intake of vitamins and rest all will be well.Even remember our grandmothers, and that up to 50 give birth safely.

On the other hand, anyone not happy because primary care physicians and gynecologists as pregnant patients who are over 30. After all, they, like obedient student, perform any medical prescription, to maintain separate blogs pushes a child solely to eat, and even regularly visitschool for parents.Because at my age they are responsible and sensible, and well aware of the importance of the health of the baby.And do not compare with green pot-bellied brides who run half-starved stomach lectures, sitting on a half-day in stuffy classrooms, among many infections and breaks carcinogenic eat chips and constantly nervous - that because of the immediate wedding, then because of the session,then because of something.

By the way, the children of women over 30, according to recent research psychologist, developed a lot faster and a lot smarter than those who just appropriated age.

career should not be more important than family?

Yes, pathetic appeals are not exchanged marriage career can convince any girl.Here he is just waiting for her when she hurried to get married: Studying is not finished and may be interrupted at all, if a girl gets pregnant, and about career and work hard to say if it will sit for at least two years in the decree.And then, out of the role of "home broody" will be even more difficult, if at all there motivation.If you still find a good job, that all the students are usually struggling to find the last two or three courses.And in a financial situation, it will eventually - in security or in poverty - it is difficult to predict.Husbands because not all decent and hardworking.

Now compare with a girl who is not rushed to get married.She graduated from school, he goes to the big city, and there quietly gets a high-paying job.She is young, beautiful and full of energy.Fairly quickly making a career (after all, home is not sick child), what he likes and lives a full chest.It is even possible to buy housing.Her financial situation is uniquely stable.At 30, in the prime of their beauty and femininity, she marries and settles quietly been home with the baby, no one jealous and do not cry to vest her friends that "youth is gone."On the contrary, I'm glad that it is now become a mum and she has a long-awaited baby (a study by American scientists showed that the maternal instinct of a woman waking up at 100 is at this age).

all the princes disassemble younger and nimble?

That's what all the girls are so afraid of.And for good reason.The fact that everyone has their own destiny - it's true.And afraid that the prince is not enough - it is silly.After all, men do not usually hurry to get married before 30, so that, at least, peer candidate to be missed.It is not so important for women, as a lot of her rivals.The important thing is what it is allocated among them.If a woman is beautiful, handsome, self-assured - it does not threaten the loneliness.

But their 28-30 years it will be to know the price itself, perfectly understand the men and a good understanding of what marriage.Her love will not be able to destroy any life, any difficulties.She wears long pink glasses and no illusions.And because marriage after 30 always more strong and durable than the "green".

Therefore, if you do not want to rush to the altar - do not rush and do not listen to anyone.It is better to take an example from European women who polls to start a family and children only after 30-35 years, and really happy in marriage.

psychologist Anna Vadimova for the site «f-Journal.Ru»

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