Helicopter Taxi

Helicopter Taxi

What kind of transportation is one of the most expensive to date, tells his readers online magazine «f-journal»

taxis, trains, buses have long been commonplace and familiar speciestransport.And what to do in the case where an urgent need to reach a certain place, or what about those who hours of cork is removed from yourself? Out there - use the "Helicopter Taxi."

For us, this form of transport is considered a rare and even exotic.Just want to paraphrase a famous phrase from the movie "a diamond hand" and to say that our people on the helicopter taxis do not fly.But in Europe and Latin America, this service has become a familiar.

Helicopter taxi is very popular in Brazil, especially in its capital city - Rio de Janeiro.Air transport demand in large metropolitan areas, where due to the abundance of traffic jams passengers are willing to pay any money for the ability to quickly get to your destination.Helicopter taxi is definitely available only to wealthy people, because passenger per fli

ght hour cost about 1,500 euros.

in Russia helicopter taxis first appeared in 2005.At first, helicopters were used to time and without much hassle to get from one airport to another.Then he began to ply the route between the cities of the Russian Federation.If passengers are willing to pay from 1500 to $ 2000, it will be at their disposal comfortable double helicopters, main place of dislocation which is located at the airport "Vnukovo-3".

Ukraine first air taxi drivers began to take off in flight in late 2011.The flights are made by 20-seater MI-8, and the cost of the flight itself is relatively low, as divisible by all passengers.Flight hour cost of transport fans of the exotic in the $ 100-150.Payment is the same as in a normal taxi - "over the counter", ieThe less time a passenger spends in the air, the less it pays.Agree, is not so astronomical price to pay, not only in time to get to your destination, but also to admire the beautiful scenery from a bird's flight.

Helicopter can be ordered for business, hunting, sightseeing, trip to golf or yacht club.You can also order the aerial flight.

course, air-taxi is one of the most expensive forms of transport. But thanks to the obvious benefits to the land transport (no traffic jams, mobility, time savings) helicopter taxi actively used for both business and leisure.

Butovskaya Tatiana for the site «f-Journal.Ru»

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