Divorce of parents eyes of a child

Divorce of parents eyes of a child

What child feels when his parents decided to file for divorce

Some believe that men divorce is hard to move, because in life there are drastic changes, which are not easy to adapt.Others believe that women are much more difficult psychologically and materially.But somehow, many people forget about the children, because of the fact that his most expensive people suddenly become strangers, causing psychological blow.

Why does a child stung by her parents' divorce?

For a child the best and most expensive native people - mom and dad.He loves both equally.It is difficult to understand why mom and dad do not love each other, or, for example, that he smears appear "new" dad.

When parents decide to divorce, children are away.Adults solve their problems, children are given little time with their opinion and no one is considered as a result they are left to themselves.This whole situation is catching up fear and the child is ready by any means to attract attention.Therein lies the reason for moods,

tears, poor school performance.Thus, the child wants to draw attention to themselves, to those closest to him, people have forgotten about the divorce.

Children - born maximalists, they believe in the good and the beautiful bright future, they can not even imagine what might happen to them something bad.And if that happens, the baby does not see new perspectives.The disintegration of the family for him comparable to something most terrible.

child who is most attached to the parent who has decided to leave, a sense of betrayal.He is convinced that his favorite cast people that he no longer needed him.That is why the baby is in deep stress.He hates leaving parent.Sensitive and vulnerable children stung by divorce.And the consequences of what is happening to them sadder than balanced children.This is reflected in poor health, isolation, resentment parents.Sometimes as an adult it is very difficult to create their own family.

Helping your child through divorce

  • child should not attend and participate in the quarrels between the parents.These you will injure the child's psyche.A change of scenery before the divorce, for example, a baby can stay with her grandmother.
  • Talk about your future life.Available to explain what happened and what it expects.Let the child will understand that, despite the profound changes that in the future he expects a lot of good.
  • Kid needs your attention before and after the divorce.Give him more time.Tell us what you love him still, and that does not happen, you will always be there and will never give up.
  • Do not adjust their offspring against the other parent.Do not forbid them to meet.Gone parent - of the prosperous life, when all was well.Let anything of it remains.The smaller the change in the baby's life, the easier it is to survive this period.
  • If a child is in need of your presence, be near, put all the household chores.

Divorce of parents - is a strong blow for each child.The implications of these experiences affect adult life.Unfortunately, the pile of family problems parents forget about the feelings of the youngest members of the family.It is the parents "programmed" the future life of their baby.After all, not one parent does not want him to be unhappy.Perhaps if we adults, we think not only about themselves and their own experiences, and about the closest people, the divorce will not be an impact on the fate of children.

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