The development of speech in the child - tips and tricks

The development of speech in the child

Many parents worry that the child is not talking.We provide recommendations for the proper development of speech in children

This is especially true of boys.When compared with other children of their own speech success toddler seem insignificant and because of this even more frustrating.Here are a few tips to help you "talk" baby.

for language development requires a dialogue with the child

as often as possible talk with crumbs.Comment all their actions and that the child sees around.It may seem silly, when my mother constantly, something tells crumbs.But experts say that commenting on their actions for the formation of effective speech toddler.The more the baby hear new words, it will expand the range of sound.Crying, babbling agukane - for remains is a form of dialogue.Answer the cry of a child.Thus, he will feel its importance, that you understand it and hear.This baby is developing very quickly.For example, between the ages of eighteen months to two years greatly updated vocabulary fr

om 50 to 250 words.

Do not panic prematurely

Note that each child individually speech development.Experts believe that anxiety is justified in the case, if the kid does not seek to communicate with his mother.If you understand that it's really a problem, you should consult a speech therapist.

overall rate of language development in children:

  • In three months the child goes to the visual contact (smiles when he sees a bright object), agukaet and cries, thus says the mother of their needs.
  • six months reacts to sounds, babbles.
  • About a year imitation of sounds and pronunciation of the first word.

Short and sweet

When talking with young children need to build short sentences, each word to say loudly and clearly.This ensures that the crumb would understand anything you say.

Though not speak, but understands everything

If the baby stubbornly silent, it does not mean that he does not understand.It can be seen as a pipsqueak performs actions, speech indication that he was still not able to repeat.Of course, in the early age it is able to perform only simple instructions.For example, "go wash your hands" and the baby already stomping into the bathroom, even though he still can not pronounce the phrase "wash their hands".Experts believe that in a year or two children are well aware of up to 50 words.

Develop speech by reading

There is a perception that if you read the books infants, before they begin to talk.He hears your voice, intonation and number of words.In addition, many of the words of the books does not occur daily.For example, fairy tales and poems about animals: lions, elephants and giraffes.You can look at the pictures with the child, to describe what he sees.

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