Wedding in April 2012 - a triumph in national style

Wedding in April

Wedding in April 2012 - Tips, signs, recommendations

you decided to get married in 2012, but it confuses you that 2012 is a leap?Throw away the doubt!

has long been proved that all the signs associated with the leap year - is no more than a psychological factor, and a leap year is no different from the usual.In general, 2012 is considered auspicious for marriage, cohabitation is a happy and long - at least, so say the astrologers.And if the wedding is scheduled in the spring, then in front of a strong love!Do you still doubt?Then here's a couple more serious arguments - all the spring months of April 2012 - the wedding time and in terms of the Orthodox Church, and according to popular belief.So do not hesitate, do not delay, and feel free to choose the month of April for marriage!

Wedding in April 2012 - the signs and features

For a number to assign the wedding?

According to astrological forecasts, a marriage made in April 2012, will be particularly strong, steadfast and no obsta

cles to the young family will not interfere with happiness.How to tell the stars, if the wedding will take place in April 2012, that such an alliance has the potential to keep the love for many years, the risk of separation and divorce is minimal.

However, in April, have unfavorable days for a wedding.This is the period which falls on Easter.In 2012, it falls on April 15 and then from 13 to 17 April inclusive, unfavorable days for weddings.It is better to wait this time.This period has negative energy and marriages these days are fragile, unstable relationships are likely to change.However, hardly anyone would think to assign a wedding at one time a happy Easter.

Favorable days for a destination wedding in April 2012, is the period from 1 to 12 April and from 18 to 30 April.

Wedding in Krasnaya Gorka

most successful among the auspicious days for weddings assumed Krasnaya Gorka - the first Sunday after Easter.

by signs on Krasnaya Gorka always good weather, and on this day it was decided to dress up in the most beautiful clothes, playing weddings, woo, have fun, but you can not sit at home, especially young people.This day celebrates love, hope and feelings arise.It is believed that the wedding played on Krasnaya Gorka, it will be the beginning of a long and happy family life.

This year, Red Hill falls on April 22.If you decide to choose the day of their wedding day - hurry up with an application to the registrar!According to statistics, every year it is on Krasnaya Gorka to the registrar pandemonium, and if you procrastinate, you may run out of space.Likewise is the case with everything else - with the order of a wedding convoy, banquet hall, toastmaster at a wedding, wedding photographer.In the market of wedding services hype begins, so if we can apply to the registrar, are booked in advance all possible!

Wedding in April 2012 - a triumph in the national style

If the weather allows, the wedding in April 2012 can be carried out in nature, in the Russian style - with dances, songs, book visiting the wedding ceremony.Of course, all this is necessary to take care in advance, and try not to miss out of sight.Themed wedding requires appropriate attire for the bride and groom, bridesmaids, the menu in traditional style, the wedding procession, decorations, flowers and many more important details.Himself organize a wedding is difficult enough, but with the help of an experienced toastmaster and wedding manager you will succeed!

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