How original to hold a second wedding day

How original to hold a second wedding day

Due to the uniqueness of the first day of his wedding is the focus.But many people forget about the second wedding day, losing its importance

For honeymooners and invited guests first wedding day is the most unique.

That is why in most cases focuses on only to ensure that all during the celebration took place under the thoughtful script and the highest quality mark.But apart from the long-awaited first day there is also a second, which in any case should not concede the originality and fun first.Therefore, we offer several options for the best of the second wedding day.You just have to choose.

traditional feast

second day of the wedding is accompanied by traditional eating treats and sweets that were left from the previous day.It can be carried out not only in a café or restaurant, but also at home.It is here that visitors will be provided an opportunity to discuss the major events and incidents of the first day, made browse photos and videos, as well as to share with loved ones mis

sing the last adventures of a wedding celebration.


Sport active rest in this case will be more than appropriate.To do this, you can simply leave the city or visit a nearby recreation center.If your wedding took place in the winter, the best option for the second day will be sledding, skiing, snowboarding.At the recreation center, you not only can entertain themselves sports, but also a warm evening in the cozy lounges.But if you decide to get married in the summer, it is possible on the second day of the wedding to visit the paintball club or the nearest pool.In other words, you must pick a program of active or even extreme entertainment.

trip out of the city on the second day of the wedding

You can always get on the nature completely regardless of the season.Campfire songs with a guitar and barbecue to help you keep warm in the winter and a positive time.For children, you can consider the original competition program, take them sledding or skiing.After all we know that fresh air perfectly affects the health of the whole organism.Night sky suburban give the necessary dialogue of young romance, and they can throughout the evening to devote himself to walk along the river and a declaration of love.

trip to the sauna or a Russian bath

That trip to the sauna is considered to be an excellent technique for optimal relaxation of the whole organism, and renewed strength after a heavy wedding celebration.All is well aware of the fact that it cares for the organization of wedding celebrations is very tedious.Therefore rest in the sauna - it is just what you need.Steam room and swimming pool will help you relieve tension, and the presence of a number of close friends will continue to congratulate you and wish a lot of years together.

Arrange Carnival Love

Eh walk, so with music! .. Make it a masquerade ball.Think beautiful and original costumes for themselves and guests.Moreover, you can even organize a theme party, for which each will be required to prepare an original presentation.In the role of speech can be used all sorts of mini-performances that will beat the real cases of future life together newlyweds.Or arrange a grand dance marathon in which your guests will be able to break away again and remember the youth.After all, few of the young tends to enjoy the first day of his wedding festivities.

How would you not satisfied with the second day, remember that this holiday will be in your honor, and only you have the right to choose how to spend it.