How to explain to a child that is "impossible"

how to explain to a child that you can not

Sometimes it is difficult to ensure that the child understands that it is "impossible»

Very often, walking in the street, we see how my mother yells at her 3-year old child, andso that you could hear in a radius of one kilometer.We wonder, stroking her rounded tummy and the baby promise that will never blame him.However, in a few years we ourselves criticize the child for all sorts of stuff.

Of course, the children are afraid of parental punishment.And parents, punishment is the guilt.After all, it seems that it would be possible to solve the problem, not punishing the child, that's just how to do it, no one knows.

Taking punitive measures once in the scattered toys, it is possible that the next day the child back scatter these toys.The fact is that the need for punishment - a kind of penalty that parents are paying for the fact that at the time did not have bans.That is, it was necessary to tell the kid time the word "no" in the future there would be a sense of guilt.

There are parents wh

o do not take punitive measures, but does not prohibit.In such cases we say that the child Viet ropes from their parents.To some it may seem that there is nothing wrong in that it does not punish the child, and he does not deny anything.But it is not.After all, as they grow older kid parents will be very difficult to cope with it.These parents believe that the ban restrict the freedom of the child.But the most interesting baby peretupit threshold permitted.For example, we say that you can not touch a burning candle.A kid fun to try light touch.Therefore, the child learns that means "hot", and that - "cold".Therefore, if a child once received burns from the flames, he will not seek once again to touch the candles.But in this case we must not only prohibit, but to instruct.

Through such bans child's parents to explain "the rules" of life.For example: "You can not beat the pet" or "You can not without permission to take other people's things."

explain to the child the word "impossible»

Here are the rules that effectively explain to the kid that "possible" and that "it is impossible»:

  • It is known that children perceive all the words literally.Therefore, if you explain that it is "no", then in any case can not be at the same time to smile or to present this demand as a request.
  • child can not ever remember not, and that is possible, so parents need to help your child.Firstly, your inhibitions should not contradict each other.For example, if yesterday you take a banned mobile phone, even today, it should be banned.You must ensure that your inhibitions are not violated.For example, you are banned from the child on the TV to change channels, but after the baby threw a fit, you decide to give up and were allowed to click the button on the remote.Your inhibitions should not contradict common sense.For example: "Do not touch me", "Do not cry."
  • child must understand the essence of the ban.For example, if you forbid something to include in the outlet, explain: "Do not touch the socket - it is dangerous."Thus, the child will understand that it is impossible and dangerous.
  • can not all in a row to prohibit child and you get tired, and the kid will not respond to restrictions.Ideally, there will be little, but they should not be violated.At the same time it is not necessary to cancel the ban, if the child is well behaved, or you have a good mood.
  • It is important that parents are in agreement.After all, if the mother is denied, and the Pope will be the same resolve, it will not bring any results.Actions parents should be agreed.You agree that if the mother would prohibit watching TV in the evening, saying that it is bad for the eyes, and my father will allow the contrary, the child will simply adore the father and mother would take a "dictator."
  • Often bans accompanied infant irritability and tantrums.But in this situation the baby can understand, it's not so easy to agree with the parents.But it's best not to be angry with the child, that he will release a "steam".If the baby is very upset, you can hug him and cuddle.

Our whole life is based on the permissions and prohibitions.It is important to promptly learn the rules of life of the baby, that he understood that "good" and what is "bad".