Nightmare and the child

Nightmare and the child

Why your child dream terrible dreams, and how to fight them?

I had a terrible dream.How many times moms hear those words?And most often it is simply "excuse" not to sleep alone and push from mom dad, sitting between them.

As we do not want to respond.I want to sleep peacefully that night though, I want to finally close with her husband, but did not rise to "a nightmare", or want to see the show, and not to read another story.But we will rise again, and gritting his teeth, crazy about the nursery.

This situation was every mother and that's fine.Children often cultivate their fears, wanting to get away excess (as we consider ourselves) attention.Unfortunately, we do put them in a situation where you can get the attention of the mother only imitated a nightmare, the disease or simply a scandal.

in combating child fears should know one thing: the baby wants attention and he got it.Negative or positive - is another question.Attention parents for the child is that he exists, that he is.Up to a ce

rtain age, children suffer problems with self-identity (and some adults, they did not dare, left), and they come to an adult for confirmation that they were physically there.Even your cries allow him to get what you came for, I have, I notice I exist.The deeper meaning of the simulation: I can change reality, I can influence the world, I can get to do what I want (to pay attention to me).

nightmare and the child

nightmare - to develop basic life fears: the fear of losing themselves or their parents, fear of death, fear of injury, new places, strangers.Watching the child in everyday life, you will be able to predict the main motives of nightmares: if the kid insists - "Mommy, I do not want you to die" - in front of you script the worst childhood nightmares.This kind of self-programming: pronouncing himself the fear, the child makes his mind to face the fear, to live it, to get out of this situation, the winner and waking up, make sure that all are alive - healthy.

What to do?

If your child really nightmares, you just have to give it more attention.Talk to him and disassemble the themes that concerned him.Show how you love him, cherish him.If this is the theme of death - without hysterics tell us that all men are mortal, and told him his theory of life and death.Are not excluded from this problem and do not load the kid a daunting task to understand the death and decide that it's not terrible, it is safe, not bad.

Most often plagued by nightmares of children suffering from loneliness.You can spend with him all day, and only at night to leave him to sleep.But in fact, you throw the child in the most difficult moment for the child's mind: on the border of two realities, two worlds, between dream and reality.

panic fear of being dependent on the personality of parental affection, we unconsciously bring up the neurotic, convinced that he had to keep everything under control, and that he was alone in the most difficult moments of his life.Do not be lazy, read bedtime stories, sit next to the baby, go to sleep with him or just go to sleep together.After a while you will notice that the child is no longer tormented by nightmares, feeling your presence and availability.Often accompanied by nightmares, somatic pain in the tummy, which is to talk about feelings of rejection and fear of being alone.

In principle, a nightmare, a phenomenon that carries some benefits for you and your child.He lives his fears, getting to know yourself, your subconscious, you get to understand the maturing baby and really support it.

Do not be afraid of nightmares, to cooperate with them, and it will be an investment that will pay off handsomely.