5 tips for wedding makeup

wedding makeup

bride before the wedding worried about so many things and, not least, of how she ironed.Perhaps not only last, but even in the first place!After all, every girl dreaming of becoming a bride, presents himself at his own wedding a real princess, the most beautiful and dazzling!And every bride on the wedding day and to spend a lot of time and money on something that was really spectacular dress to hairstyle was perfect and flawless makeup.From all of the above it is necessary to look for the make-up throughout the day of the wedding, ashe may run, smudge, etc.Here are some little tips about wedding makeup that will make it perfect and neat to save the day.

1. Take the time to arrange with his make-up artist on how to make a trial full of wedding makeup for a few days before the wedding.It is not always what you like in a magazine or on the picture will suit you really are.In addition, with the finished make-up you can try to take pictures, to ensure that all elements of make-up look at the photos.A

fter all, in which case, wedding photos can not be undone anew!

2. Remember that a wedding dress at a wedding, in jewelry and accessories, and so enough sequins and bright parts and therefore do not overload makeup shiny elements.For example, if you decide to make the eyelash to the wedding, and decorate them with rhinestones or sequins, you should try to make it not too much.Shadow shine in conjunction with all the appearance of a wedding can turn you into a glowing Christmas tree and too shiny lipstick to distract from other elements of the image.

3. To make "lived" as long as possible, do not use greasy gel shadow and blush - they can smear and "leak" in a hot room.Also, you should avoid using too heavy, thick foundation, becauseit clogs the pores and can be "rolled up" if you sweat while dancing.It is best to choose a light, cream matting.Oily lipstick is also not desirable - it will lose shape and smeared with food.

4. If you decide to make the wedding eyelash or decoration - do not overdo it.Too long eyelashes and the more decorative elements, such as crystals, colored stones, feathers, may be too heavy and come off at the wrong time!It is better to confine or just long eyelashes or a few not very large rhinestones or sequins.

5. Remember that you have on hand during the wedding have to be: with the powder puff, lip liner and lipstick, blush and light wipes or even a handkerchief, to have something to remove unwanted defects makeup.

Perfect make-up - a business card of the bride, but you should always keep in mind that most any girl decorates a good mood and a feeling of love and happiness!