Clothing zodiac signs (signs of water)

Clothing zodiac signs (signs of water)

Clothing zodiac signs (signs of water) or the influence of astrology on the choice of clothing

general trend "water" signs of a predisposition to loose clothing, which usually manifests itself over the years.

This is mainly due to the fact that most of the "water" of women get fat over the years and have to wear loose clothing and wide.


Being young, female crabs, love to show off fitted or tight clothing that emphasizes their fragility and a certain helplessness.Over the years it passes and preference is given to a free and multi-layer clothing.

As a rule, girls Cancers strictly adhere to fashion until marry.At older ages, women are less whimsical Crawfish in clothes and can walk in the same outfit for quite some time.However, they are very well aware of the latest fashion trends and can talk for hours on the fashionable topic.It should be fair to say that the elegance and neatness of dress these women achieved with little effort, and a wardrobe "Lady of the Moon" is great,

but it is practical and functional.

from the tissue is preferred natural and light fabrics flax, wool, staple, cotton, silk, chiffon, lace.

female crabs usually prefer loose-fitting things with soft enveloping folds or drapes.For a luxurious dresses "Lady Moon" are like children to toys - putting one or two times, they hang their closet, occasionally pulling to admire.

of the color Gama female cancers as anyone else suitable marsh color, khaki and all shades of green.Also, the women of this sign like blue and pink tones, though they do not always go to them.In a more mature age preference gray, grayish-green and dark tones.

traditional decoration for women considered pearls Rakov and nacre, although they will not abandon the precious metals and natural stones.


Women Scorpions most active of the "water" signs, which is reflected in an interesting combination of colors and style of dress. They like to wear a variety of cuts and cleavage predominantly triangular shape, large collars, lace, etc.They were very impressed with silver and gold decoration.Even coming out of the age when you can wear tight things, they still try to look elegant preferring to wear close-fitting things.

Women Scorpions are the largest in terms of skilled workers and unnecessary rework old clothes.Pereshivaya and combining old things, they create unusual and original ensembles in which the past is impossible to know the product.

Women Scorpions have a weakness for clothes complex structure consisting of many complex parts.At the same time, differing in the intricate details nor will seem absurd or random, but rather surprisingly linked, as if arising out of each other.

favorite colors are red, black, brown and gold, as well as for the classic "water" signs are dark green tones.

Women 'scorpions' preference for heavy and massive jewelry.However, work is also good thin will not remain unnoticed.


Women Pisces most controversial nature.The clothes it affects the non-acceptance of rigid forms restrict movement.They are very fond of tight and soft clothes and never acquire the thing that it at least a little high, and vice versa squeeze into your favorite thing to one or two sizes smaller.The most favorite thing most women Pisces is a turtleneck.

fashion, they are virtually indifferent Scourge in her tail, and among the last to adopt new fashion trends and tendencies.

Thus female fish, possessing an innate sense of beauty, if desired, can dress stylishly and tastefully.Basically this is achieved not by style or material, and due to the original color scheme.In addition, from a piece of old material, they can build an elaborate turban on his head, or some interesting times while others will feel that this is the last fashion hit.However, it should be noted that this applies only to "the publication."In everyday life, they prefer to do at simple, often old things in which they habitually, comfortable and warm.

flower female fish prefer pink, blue, purple, dark green and blurry tones.Bright juicy colors often scare them.

From jewelry female fish prefer clear, shimmering in the light, the rocks.As well as articles of precious white metal, thin and openwork.

Clothing zodiac signs (signs of water) - it is elegant, combining comfort and practicality, as well as an innate skill to carry things so that they always seem to be trendy.

Fashion designer Natalia Soloid for the site «f-Journal.Ru»

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