Beauty Secrets Penelope Cruz

Beauty Secrets Penelope Cruz

Beauty Secrets Penelope Cruz or the little tricks of the star, allowing any girl turn into a queen

So beauty secrets Penelope Cruz

Hot dances

Beauty Secrets Penelope Cruz Brightand saucy Spaniard always in great shape.Although far from a young age, Penelope excellent figure.The actress never bring themselves to exhaustion in gyms or on the treadmill.She loves to dance and believes that dances under Latin music make the figure more feminine, and calories burned quietly and very nice.

Corporate makeup

Beauty Secrets Penelope Cruz visiting card Penelope's eyes are, rather, smoky makeup.Cruz likes to apply white shimmernye shadow on the entire eyelid and the mobile eyelid and outer corner allocates gray-brown shadows.For a lighter look Penelope advises on the inner corner of applied liberally pearl white shade.Also, the actress did not forget about the black eyeliner, claiming that her eyes become even greater.To make the lashes luxury Penelope loves to use mascara to give volume and occasional uses false eyelashes.The actress prefers

false eyelashes beams, as they are less noticeable.

swarthy skin tone Cruz stresses blush peach and coral shades.As eye makeup the actress is always intense, the lips, she almost never bright color lipsticks, choosing soft pastel and translucent colors.

luxurious hair

Beauty Secrets Penelope Cruz Famous actress also luxurious hair.Penelope said her long tresses main decoration and a lot of effort spent on maintaining them in good form.Every two weeks the actress to put on hair olive oil for a couple of hours.The oil body wrap nourishes the hair and gives it a healthy glow.At the world famous hair mask from Penelope.It is necessary to mix the quail eggs, the pulp of a ripe mango, maple syrup, cinnamon and coffee.This mask Penelope applied to the scalp rubbing movements, and the remainder distributed over the entire length of hair.An hour later, the mask wash off with cool water.This mask not only contains a lot of useful components for the hair, but also gives a nice head of hair actress chestnut shade.

Peace of mind - a pledge of beauty

Beauty Secrets Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz sure guarantee of its beauty - in a good mood.She never nervous or angry, he tries not to accumulate offense in itself.Actress noticed that is a little nervous, and the skin fades before our eyes, and the hair is like a washcloth.Calm and philosophical attitude to life Penelope learned from their beloved pets - cats.

Beautiful and charming Penelope Cruz - a worthy example for others to follow.Follow her advice and simple rules and be beautiful!

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