How to emphasize the eyes, because of their shape and color

How to emphasize the eyes

makeup depends on the shape of eyes, their color, as well as the state of the eyelid skin.Choose the method that will emphasize your professional skills and make a truly irresistible.

The eyes are the most attractive and expressive part of the face.It is the eyes play a key role in the makeup.You can completely change the face, if you put a little makeup, giving at the same brightness and shine.Pencil or eyeliner will help make them more expressive and a little touch up their form.Using shadows emphasize color, shape of the eye and improve facial structure.It is true that the beauty of a female eye - the subtle art of makeup and cosmetics properly chosen.

a way as to emphasize their eyes and use

makeup, emphasizing the eyes

Before you apply makeup on the eyes must be well clear of fat forever.After cleansing the eyes need to apply a little moisturizer, but waiting is completely absorbed, slightly crumbly powder to powder.The second stage of applying make-up can be considered in orde

r to bring the eyebrows, because they emphasize the eyes.Choosing the shape of eyebrows, consider the fact that it is right for you, and the fashion is always possible to correct a little.Please note that there is no regrown hair as perfect line will be broken eyebrows.If they are, then it is better to remove.Take a dark gray or dark brown shade and apply in a point position on the entire length of the eyebrows.Then take a comb for eyebrows and comb them, thus giving initial shape.

For a good make-up will be needed shade in two colors , pencil strokes eyes, light powder, cosmetic pencil and mascara.Then take a few shades of shadows.Dark Shadows is applied directly on the eyelid, rising to the top.Light gray, pearl shade or bright colors put on area under the eyebrow.Just apply a light eyebrow pencil and rub thoroughly with a finger.To highlight the eyes, draw a line close to the lashes of the lower eyelid and the same line along the upper eyelid.It is better to choose the arrow that will suit you the type of eye.The last stage of applying makeup to the eyes will superimposition of mascara on the lashes.

basic rule of makeup is that you should not try to drastically change the shape of the eyes, you need as much as possible to follow the line of the upper eyelid as close to the lashes.

How to emphasize the eyes, given their shape

It is important to consider the shape of the eyes when applying makeup to choose the method of correction that is right for you.The following eye shapes:

  • bulging eyes;
  • close-set eyes;
  • almond-shaped eyes;
  • small eyes;
  • wide-set eyes.

With bulging eyes try to use the shade of matt muted tones.It is better to avoid the shiny, light and dark shadows.Massive dark arrows in this case is not for you.You can subtly highlight the contours of the eye is well sharpened pencil.We need to start drawing the line eyeliner close to the inner corner of the eye, but not to the edge.Shadows applied to the eyebrows to the entire surface of the century and to shade them outwards.You can hold a narrow strip of the lower eyelid.

situation with close-set eyes help fix light shadows.Put them in the nose and on the inside of the upper eyelid, and from the middle of the eye, use darker colors shadows.Under the eyebrows also apply light shade.Shooter on the entire surface of the century is best avoided, they need to make a half.Mark the outer corners of the eye liner, having an arrow from the middle of the century.When applying mascara on the lashes Emphasize from the middle to the outer edge.And just plucked eyebrows in the nose.

  • With almond-shaped eyes make emphasis on the upper eyelid, highlighting it on the lash line.
  • If you have small eyes , it's best to avoid dark eyeliner, it further define the boundaries of the eye and reduce them.Small eyes can be increased by drawing a white line on the inside of the lower eyelid.It is better to give preference to soft and closer to the natural shades of shadows.Spread them on the entire eyelid.Mascara is better to take a make-up black.
  • for wide-set eyes ideal option would be to take the dark color of shadows and apply them to the inner corner of the eye, rubbing his eyebrows up.This visually bring the eye.

How to emphasize the eyes mascara

Mascara allows you to avoid the effect of tired eyes, that it makes the lashes thicker and longer.Choosing ink, decide for yourself what you want to see your lashes long, thick, bright and bulky.Pay special attention to the brush.

Ink is applied to the inner surface of the upper eyelashes.Brush keep in a horizontal position.The lower lashes as paint, holding a brush in a horizontal position, but if you turn it upright and leaning on the cheek, will paint each eyelash separately.Mascara lead from the roots of eyelashes to their ends.Apply a thin layer of carcasses several times that there was no sklepnyh eyelashes.Apply the first coat of paint, let dry up a bit, and then - the second.Wait for the complete drying of the mascara and comb their special brush.

How to emphasize the eyes without mascara

Everyone knows that mascara is one of the main elements of makeup, but to emphasize the eye without it ?.The reasons for rejection of the carcass may be different.Can eyelashes in need of treatment and rehabilitation, as well as can be observed seasonal allergies.

without makeup mascara can look quite nice and finished, knowing a few secrets.When the make-up gray shadows best use glossy or matte.On the upper part of the eye cause dark shades and light on the mobile eyelid and the inner corner.

doing makeup with eyeliner, but without ink, you can help a cosmetic pencil.It creates the desired effect is expressive hand along the upper lash line.It is very important to take good quality pencil that will be easy and softly shaded brush.You can also continue the arrow below the lower outer corner of your eye.

How to emphasize the eye pencil

any makeup is unthinkable without the use of a pencil.Using light gray pencil and white is for the lower eyelid.Eye will visually enlarge, if you put a light pencil on the lower lid, and from the inside.

dark pencil on the lower lid reduces eye.Although large and dark eyes with a pencil becomes more expressive.In that case, give eye contour gray, brown and colored pencil.At the same time, and still get the effect of reducing the eye.

Draw a line along the inner edge of the century, a little paint on the edges delayed eyelashes and outline remains, even if the cause of the same color shade.Start spending arrow departing, one third of the inner corner of the eye about.Follow the line of small strokes toward the outer corner of the eye.If the paint is difficult for the entire length of a thin line of eyeliner do better mid-century to the inner corner, and only then continue from the middle to the outer corner.The outer corner of the eye should be completely circle.The bar should end at the outer corner and follow the shape of your eye.

How to emphasize your eyes, depending on their color

Green eyes can emphasize peach, brown, gold, can also use the purple shadow.When applying purple and lilac shades, yellow-green eyes become yellow, and green, in turn, lost on this background.You can emphasize the lash line with black arrows.

blue eyes make more vivid is easy.Add depth to help them orange-copper shade, which can be applied to the upper eyelid and shade them right up to the eyebrows.

Brown eyes themselves look very bright, they should emphasize only slightly and they will be even more impressive.Golden color eyes underlined turquoise and lavender shade.Suit as the shade of olive-brown hue, making brown eyes deeper.Also suitable eyeliner.Draw a line on the upper eyelid, as close to the lashes and very thin strip on the lower eyelid.

gray eyes are very beautiful and spontaneous, they change color depending on the mood and the weather.If you want to make your eyes darker, so it is necessary to take a lighter shade of eye colors.Choosing the shade of blue, brown or green, you may see the same colors in the eye.Just use eyeliner gray, brown and blue colors to highlight the natural beauty of the eyes.Mascara is best to use a blue or gray.

to experiment on their appearance, try different colors and you are sure to find your type color choices.