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How to re spoiled child

How to re spoiled child

The daily bustle and overwhelming care of her baby, parents often do not notice how unwittingly begin to indulge in the favorite child in all its moods, whims and desires, sometimes developing into persistent demands.Each time, achieving their own, the child begins to think that he is the most important person in the world, and he is allowed everything.If suddenly the darling Mamochkin faces a ban, and some resistance to immediate execution of his desire in the form of the words "no" or "no", then immediately he begins vociferous hysterical.To avoid similar mistakes in the upbringing is quite difficult, but if the time realized it, you can try to re-educate his disobedient child.To understand how to re spoiled child, you must first understand exactly whether your child a spoiled?

Ten signs spoiled

Signs spoiled

Signs spoiled
  1. Systematic spontaneous hysteria.The vagaries that escalate into aggression.
  2. constant irritability.The child quickly bored own toys, and he begins to demand another
    toy baby, and wants to get it immediately.
  3. stubbornness.Reluctance to clean scattered toys.
  4. requirement momentary submission.Unwillingness to hear and listen to other people.
  5. ability of adults to put in an awkward position.
  6. unwillingness to share with anyone.It could turn into greed.
  7. Constant, much persuasion to do something.It is important that from infancy the child knew about the existence of indisputable authority of their parents (grandparents, guardian, teacher).
  8. rejection of the word "impossible."
  9. insistence constant attention.
  10. Obedience only if something appease.Subsequently, this may lead to speculate that the child will, each time require any stimulation.

Different methods of education

Different methods of education
Attention! Most often the child gets pampered in a family where the parents do not agree on the methods of education.Seeing these differences, the baby begins to manipulate my mom and dad.

If you suddenly realized that your family was dominated by a spoiled little capricious, then you've got an alarm that requires immediate action to eliminate it.The only way you can raise a loving and obedient child, rather than a selfish teenager who puts above all their desires and whims.

process re

The process of re-education

just say, that we should not rush to extremes during re spoiled child.Your mates should be calm, consistency and common sense.

Attention! first with what it takes to start, it is available to explain to your child that the world is living apart from him a large number of people who also have their own desires and dreams.

patiently teach the child to control their own desire to control their emotions and the right attitude to various life situations.

strictly prohibited framework, according to psychologists, only a negative impact on the psyche of children.Therefore, denying anything the child, for example in the purchase of another toy, clearly explained to him the reason for his decision.First of all, talking to the baby, to emphasize the fact that your love for him is boundless, but he remembered the case when his capricious behavior greatly upset you, and let them know that the reason why now you refrain from buying.As a result, the baby will be sure that the parents love it 100%, but they have to punish his refusal misconduct.If you will constantly adhere to such tactics, not making concessions, the result capricious understand that no tears, tantrums and other clever tricks will not help him to get what you want.

The hysteria of the child

Tantrum the child

Often there are cases when the baby starts to scream hysterically, lounging on the floor and demanding something from her parents.If this happens outside the home, as a rule, parents feel uncomfortable in front of others, and to avoid confusion, they immediately meet the requirements of the child.Even once that happens, and your baby will understand instantly how this method is effective and will use it in any convenient way.In this case, parents are advised to keep calm and indifference to trick her beloved child.No need to pay attention to the cries of a baby and follows with a straight face to do what we did.This capricious indifference tell that the chosen strategy is useless to them, and he immediately stop their crying.

In conclusion, we note that the majority of parents work a lot in heavy duty, and they did not have enough time to communicate with your child.This lack of communication employed parents often try to compensate buying expensive toys and baby clothes, without thinking about what is more important for him to be united family go to the movies, the circus or the zoo, take a walk in the park or go on a skating rink.

Games with a child

Games with a child
Attention! Children love when adults participate in various games, read together with them books, studied music and painting.

Love, attention and constant communication - is all that is necessary for your baby so that he grew clever, intelligent and obedient child.