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How to adapt to a new team

How to adapt to a new team

Becoming financially independent means, most of all, to find a job.But this is only half the battle on the way to to gain a foothold in the workplace and start climbing the career ladder.It will take probation period of adaptation to the new conditions.

Parish or transition to a new job - the process is always stressful, difficult.This applies particularly to the first working day.In other words, "how zapryazhesh, and you go."Most middle managers, the selection of personnel employed in the companies believe that the main factor in successful adaptation of a new employee in the team is the level of accessibility "beginner" to the information related to the work at a particular workplace.To do this, even created a special program to help a new person to protect themselves from stressful situations and show their full performance.

first day of


Help novice

the first day of the new man is in need of support personnel or human resources department is now called, HR-department.Ne

w colleague paying attention in order to create in his mind a positive attitude on the further work to minimize its psycho-emotional load.The goal of HR-department - save shots.

On the other hand, no effort newcomer in the same direction HR employee is unlikely to achieve this.

Attention! «Junior» is simply obliged not only to express their interest, activity (willingly met with colleagues, with the generally accepted rules of the team, the nature and scope of his work), but also customize yourself mentally for a positive result.

desired concentration of the forces due to the fact that the first working day full of events and a large amount of information necessary to understand the structure of the company, especially the business process, in the style of work of the immediate supervisor.

Common cause

Common Cause

result of such bilateral work it depends largely on the size of the organization, scope and complexity of the tasks that stand before it.In a small business company to introduce a new colleague with the rules is capable of any close associate.In a large organization certainly need the help of a specialist wider profile to the new employee has not been limited only to the scope of its responsibilities, could clarify for itself the main goal, which sets the corporation.This will help him to assess the role of his work, of his duties in the general case.Not to mention the fact that the newcomer is necessary to show and tell you where that is, how to find the right department, who to contact for various issues.In turn, the department colleagues to supplement the details of general information.

the period of adaptation to the novice useful to attach a personal tutor, to which by necessity, you can ask for tips that at any time to answer any question.After all, questions begin to arise only in the course of work.The first time a novice can often be embarrassed or afraid of the leadership to distract colleagues from work.But the wrong decision or wrong action of ignorance can cause much more damage not only for beginners, but also to the common cause.

tactics behavior

Adapting to a new team

Adapting to a new team

in the usual environment, we know that it was done to meet the challenges that we face.The new team to feel like "fish in water", it is important to know how to behave in order to adapt successful, know what is more important - saving your own work style, its own rules and habits or the use of the conventional style of work in theteam.

Attention! specialists work with the staff believe that it is important to still stick to the "golden" middle, which implies a personality.

It can be very useful to improve the work style of staff department and the company as a whole.This may from the outset much "work" in favor of the newcomer, to raise his ratings, unless, of course, in the team observed a healthy psychological atmosphere.This will facilitate contacts with colleagues, superiors.We can not ignore their invitations to dinner together or talk on abstract themes, for example, in the smoking room.Overcoming stiffness in such contacts contributes to early addiction to the new environment.

Secrets of successful adaptation

The responsible performance of duties

responsible performance of duties

Secrets of successful adaptation lie in the fact that, without showing much zeal, to perform their duties diligently, responsibly.Desire immediately, from the first days like much more harm than bring you to success in the team.It is well known - no team does not accept "upstarts" who "pop out with his own opinion."It is useful to wait until colleagues will vote endowed experience, and then (preferably at their request) to join speculation.

And even that is not necessary to do so is to delve into the process of gossip and, especially, to take someone's side in squabbles on the themes that have emerged on the basis of events occurring before the newcomer in this group.

Gossip in the team

Gossip in the team

Only the desire to learn, the ability to safely take criticism, patience, friendly attitude to all, without exception, a moderate sense of humor will help to quickly become his new teamman.

It's no secret that the appearance of new colleagues is of particular interest to him the entire team, which comprised very different people, including a very cocky.They definitely try to try your "strength", exacerbating the discomfort that you are experiencing.For the old-timers are new to the team - a fresh opportunity to add adrenaline, the opportunity to stand out, increasing their self-esteem, to feel like an experienced mentor.

The interest of the team to the novice

collective interest to the novice

This is especially true of large, has become conservative, well-established companies with a staff of colleagues who were able to overcome many obstacles professional, had time to get used to each other, andperhaps tired of each other.

Attention! In such circumstances, it is important not only qualitatively perform their duties, but also to get "strong back", to find like-minded people and use them to create a professional firm ground.


Mobbing by employees

Mobbing by members

rejection of a new employee has acquired its present name - mobbing.This phenomenon can be estimated as the office bullying, harassment or bullying unsettled.Moreover, such a phenomenon can be observed not only by the rank and file, and from the leaders.The manifestation of such an unhealthy atmosphere in the team forced, for example, Sweden, to develop special protivomobbingovy law.

Mobbing by the head

Mobbing from head

consequence of mobbing generated fear and inner tension in the team, according to research by European experts HR-departments can be stress, headaches, insomnia, nightmares, detachment, doubts, guilt, shame, and even paranoia and suicide (in 10% of cases).What's the solution?

First, we should:

  • analyze their behavior;
  • improve their professionalism;
  • observe what is happening in the team.

Being late for work

late for work

studies assessed the degree of harmfulness of certain habits, which are useful to know: small talk with colleagues and a penchant for gossip;frequent smoking;intrusive, tactless and irresponsible behavior;late;loud speech, particularly on the phone to a personal theme;meal during working hours;laziness;negligence and carelessness are vices like arrogance, lies, stupidity, denunciations and the manifestation of rudeness.

Forbidden tactics of behavior in the team

How to set themselves against peers

How to set themselves against colleagues

There is no doubt that the art of joining the team is challenging.It can always be reduced.Customize colleagues against him is very easy, because wishing to apply tactics "on the newcomer who" are very fast.To do this, push down on the nasty and list methods which should be forbidden for the beginner.

  • going to work, supply of "equipment" in the form of a block of gum, plastic bags of seeds, with a pungent smell of perfume, bright nail polish that ladies will not hesitate to use and exclusively within the framework of working time.Use this "arsenal" purely individual, with no one sharing.
  • Frankly Demonstrates you "tricked" mobile phone with loud speakers, which break through the power of their decibels any walls and partitions in the office.Sending and Receiving calls should occur every hour and exceptionally tactful without leaving the office.

Scandal at work

scandal at work
  • Adhering tactics "to teach it" never do not restrain themselves, including the use of shouting and scandal.Boldly and without delay, inform any neponravilos your colleague that he will not like it.
  • welcomed mood swings, rudeness and aggression on any more or less important occasion.For variety
  • alternate loud, sharp and bile statements grumbling and whining about everything and against everyone and everything.Under such influence should get not only customers, but also the bosses, colleagues, and even public transport driver, dealer shop, the city, clouds in the sky ....
  • personal opinion on any subject is absolutely necessary to express the slightest opportunity, feeling confident in its exclusive right.
  • Do not restrain your desire to share your trusted secret, at least five other colleagues, warning them that this secret "does not know and should not know anybody."


  • Get your "neuderzhnuyu" operation by the end of the day it is delayed in the office after business hours.This will allow all colleagues to "recognize" Finally, what are they loafers.
  • For your domestic life is always useful to other people's cigarette lighters, office paper, pens, rulers, erasers ... you grab, leaving home.
  • Choose for yourself the most warm and comfortable workplace, often without forgetting to open the window in the office.

Well, the other in a similar manner ... At first glance, it would seem, in the above-mentioned actions there is nothing particularly serious, the more criminal.But life, as we know, is made up of little things, and dislike, as a rule, is gradually born from them though.Your colleagues do not even be able to formulate an answer to the question why they do not like you so steadily.

Attention! important task facing the new employee in his new team - learn to analyze their actions and to identify those which cause negative reaction of colleagues.

Comprehending the art of communication, it is realistic to acquire the skills to overcome obstacles in addressing the sometimes difficult problem - how to adapt to a new team.

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