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Skin Care in summer

Skin Care in summer

Nobody says that the skin is subjected to less stress in the summer than in the winter.No, but the impacts are very different, as are methods for skin care:

  1. summer a great impact on the skin has a dust - pores very quickly contaminated, it is necessary only to go out on a windy dry day.
  2. In addition, the pores become clogged with sebum, because the summers are hot, and we often sweat.Incidentally, because of loss of moisture by the body, the skin dries, it becomes rough.
  3. And the sun's rays?What they have a serious impact.Often the skin on the face burns, and then requires special care.From the sun we are constantly schurimsya, resulting in fine lines around the eyes become more prominent and formed new ones.
  4. During summer due to high temperatures, the skin can be oily, but the need to deal with this correctly as inappropriate tools and procedures to deprive the skin of water completely.



dirty city air and active sebum - favorable conditions for the growth of microorganisms.Bl

ack spots, acne, acne are formed much faster than usual.What can I say?Remember that the basis of healthy skin - cleanliness.Summer skin needs a careful and thorough cleansing.

Coming from the street, do not forget to wash off makeup and street dust.Use for this purpose foams, mousses, is best suited for deep cleansing milk to remove makeup.Especially effective for summer care products based on extracts of kiwi, green tea, grapes or ripe strawberries.


Attention! If your home is hot, keep the bottles with cosmetics in a cool place, perhaps even place it in the refrigerator.She deteriorate, despite not yet released the expiration date.He, incidentally, also check.

Do not use washing soap and other products containing soap or lye.Such compounds have a drying effect on skin.

Attention! scrubs can use, but not as often as usual.Use homemade scrubs, for example based on coffee grounds.

perspiring face should not wipe "erases" movements.So all the dirt gets into the pores.Use for this purpose, dry cloth and blot them face as needed.


Every summer skin is particularly dry, it is necessary to humidify.

Thermal water

thermal water

best means:

  • thermal water,
  • light moisturizing day cream with SPF, or emulsion,
  • moisturizing mask (use the benefit of summer fruits and vegetables),
  • rubbing the face with ice cubes.

Wiping the face with ice cubes

Wiping the face with ice cubes

With regard to the thermal water, it is perfectly refreshes, hydrates and tones the skin in the summer.Instead, you can use a regular mineral water.After the application of thermal water, let it soak a little, dry, and only then apply the cream or carry out other procedures.

Cream also use: Apply, leave for a few minutes, blot the excess with a napkin.Do not give up the use of night cream, it is now, oh how needed.But, in any case, do not use fat cream.Note the composition, great if there are present moisturizing ingredients such as, for example, vitamin E, antioxidants - grape seed oil.Beware of the sun

Protect your face from the sun

Protect the face from the sun

summer sun follows us everywhere, not just on the beach, and it contributes to the appearance of photoaging of the skin and facial wrinkles.Almost all of the cream, which are available on the market today, have a protection factor of SPF 15 or higher, or the function of sunscreen.

Attention! Do not forget sunglasses, leaving the street.


Some girls try the summer do not use makeup before leaving.In vain, in the street in the summer is full of dust, and the pores sensitive skin should be protected from it.Use as a defense day cream and powder, block access of harmful microbes.

Attention! summer is to abandon the ordinary powder, as it clogs the pores too.Would be the best mineral powder, it lays down on the skin weightless cover.

How to care for dry skin

Use herbal decoctions for washing

Use herbal decoctions for washing

Dry and sensitive skin requires special care always, and in the summer as well.To cleanse the skin, use a moisturizing lotion, use less water for washing.If water is still using it must be boiled and room temperature.In general, for dry skin often use mineral water.Some are advised to replace the water in the herbal teas.If used during the morning washing the face the milk, the skin will become more hydrated.The main thing, remember the soap - no way!

Forget cosmetic scrubs, cook your own scrub.Excellent alternative cereal oats brewed.

If you have not tried, try to clean the face of cosmetic oil.The whole procedure is reduced to the application of cosmetic oils for the face and neck, and the subsequent wiping excess with a paper towel.

Summer mask for dry skin

Use summer berries

Use summer berries
  1. To bring in proper form very dry skin to help mask with honey.It is best to use a mountain honey.For example, if you are in Abkhazia, buy a small jar of honey for myself, it long enough.Apply honey should be slightly warmed only ten minutes.Honey and can be used in combination with other components, such as grated apple, lemon juice.
  2. mask of fresh milk and cucumbers.Shredded cucumber insist on milk for half an hour.Then filter and wipe the face and neck.
  3. To prevent wrinkles and soften the skin, use of raw zucchini.Cut it into strips and apply on face and neck, relax on the couch for 20 minutes, then wash with boiled water or boiled milk.
  4. great option year masks for dry skin - berry mask.For this purpose, you can use mashed strawberries, raspberries and currants.After lying with berry mask on the face for about 20 minutes, you get a significant toning, refreshing and moisturizing effect.
  5. Mask of tomato frayed.Rub the grated tomato, add a little vegetable oil - olive, sunflower or flax - it does not matter.Time of the mask for 15-20 minutes.

oily skin

The broth chamomile

decoction of chamomile

summer oily skin shines constantly and often sweats.And then again to the fore purity.Wash with cold water or chamomile broth.The anti-inflammatory and astringent action will decoction of oak bark, and St. John's wort, wiping the face after such broths skin will sweat less.If there is a temptation to use skin care lotions and tonics containing alcohol - do not be.Alcohol stimulates the production of sebum.

choosing a day cream, be careful, after applying certain types of moisturizing cream, begins active potoodelenie.- In this case adjust the cream.A good day cream for oily skin should:

  • not cause sweating,
  • have matte effect,
  • have an SPF of 15 or higher.

masks for oily skin

Cucumber mask

Cucumber mask
  1. Ideal for oily skin masks fit of clay.With their help, carried out deep cleaning pores, remove excess fat.
  2. Cucumber mask.Cucumber can grate or cut into slices.Effect - narrowing of pores, toning and bleaching.
  3. interesting recipe that combines apricots and sour milk.In sour milk should be added apricots in equal proportions.Do not forget to remove the skin in apricot.All the chop, mix and make a mask.To mask will not melt, can be imposed on the person on top of a piece of gauze.Hold for 20 minutes, then rinse.
  4. to look after oily skin problems, take a fresh carrot.Rub it on the grate and use as a mask.
  5. improve skin condition allows cabbage juice.Shred cabbage, squeeze the juice and use it as a tonic.
Attention!Spend cleansing mask at least twice a week.

If the facial skin is burned

skin on the face burns very quickly, more quickly than other parts of the body.If suddenly this trouble and you did not pass, then:

  1. primarily get out of the sun.
  2. wash with cool water.Apply on the face of the cooled cream, yogurt or egg white.From
  3. use makeup discard the next few days, from lotions and tonics based on alcohol - too.As we found out about them at all lchshe not remember.
  4. Most smear face moisturizer with aloe extract.
  5. Apply compresses on the basis of herbs: chamomile, succession, Marigold, St. John's wort.

Cabbage Mask

Cabbage mask

to remove heat and redness, use such a mask:

  • Mask of crushed leaves of cabbage.The crushed leaves to be mixed with egg yolk, and the mixture was put on face for 15-20 minutes.Rinse with warm water and you will feel relief.
  • Potato mask with cucumber.Grate raw potato and cucumber on a fine grater, mix and apply on face.
  • Well soothes egg white.
Attention! Ideally, of course, observe the correct tanning and do not go out in the sun from 12 to 16 o'clock.

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