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How to respond to trouble

How to respond to trouble

One can hardly find a person who never in his life would have faced some trouble.Our life is full of surprises, unfortunately, not always pleasant.Troubles at work, boorish behavior of strangers in public places, a betrayal of loved ones, the deception caused resentment - is just a small list of stressful situations, which at some point could fall on people.Of course, the ability to retain a cold-blooded calm in critical situations helps us to endure all kinds of hardships, but not every one of us has such a persistent character.What to do in difficult situations, how to react to trouble, so as not to aggravate them?The questions are not easy.If you want to relive moments of crisis as quickly as possible and with the least damage to your psyche, you need to first of all try to understand yourself, and try to understand what is happening to you.Perhaps most of you are not upset unpleasant situation, but how you react to it.

Black and white stripes in life

black and white stripes in life

First of all, remember that even the most serious trouble - it is not a disaster of life and not its end.Perhaps somewhere in the disaster and there, but, rest assured, is not exactly in your life.Forget most of the black and white colors in the dye that you regularly occurring events, because in our world there is absolutely nothing wrong or just good.We are giving such a subjective assessment of all situations in life, and the sacred belief that one is good for us, and the other - bad.The faster you think of the current half-tones and other colors of the world, those with fewer losses can come out of any difficult situation.

Attention! Any trouble - a temporary phenomenon.This inscription, "this too shall pass" on the inner side of the ring wise King Solomon.

recall the famous saying "the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning."Know that from any trouble should go on their own.Indeed, once you are able to help his beloved.

brings itself to life

Unnecessary experiences

Unnecessary experiences

Let's say you were not ready for serious trouble and you are overwhelmed by strong emotions for a long time, along with bitter resentment.The most important thing in this case, you need to do - is to stop experience .If you just can not cope with the feelings, ask yourself a simple question - what, for whom or what are you doing?All people, without exception, very experienced only in cases where it can afford to do.You will, for some unknown reason, want to tear your soul experiences?Please!Experience is not too long - it is permissible, but not to delay it not worth it.While tortured, think for the soul, when it's time you stop.Believe me, the sooner you cease to engage in torments, the better for you.

Come round

comes to life

not shelving them, start to work on your thoughts.If you constantly poison your soul belief that all terrible, the recovery from the depression may take a long time.Therefore, as soon as possible, start self-talk that way out of any situation is always there.Making small steps, gradually moving forward, we can go a thousand miles.As the saying goes, the road by walking.So is it worth spending precious time on baseless feelings about what has not changed?Is it not better taking himself in hand, to get rid of negative thoughts, find something for everyone, which is able to give joy?

Faster take your emotions under control, because if you are a long time in the doldrums, it is to fall.Staring at one point, can get mad and mentally healthy person.Enough to turn sour!Rather, lift up your lazy body off the couch and go for a walk briskly to the park or the waterfront.A walk in the fresh air will certainly help you quickly come to their senses and make the right decision.

We are looking for activity that brings joy

are looking for activity, bringing joy

«Let off some steam" also helps active exercise.If your clothes are available in a tracksuit and sneakers rather you head to the nearest sports club to running and jumping, cheer yourself spoiled the mood.The problem, of course, this does not go away, but your emotional state will improve for sure.

Remember, finally, their relatives, friends or good friends, because each of them will be very glad to support you and help in the current difficult situation.Just call a person you trust, tell me what you need his help and see that this man would be immediately next to you.His friendly disposition help you to forget all the troubles and hardships, and its support will add you confidence.

With Friends

With Friends

Try to perceive what is happening in the life of any event, whether it is positive or negative, as the next step, which will lead you to the target.No one can know what is actually turn out for him trouble - good or lean.Perhaps, after a certain period of time, you will be able to properly assess what happened to you today.