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What to take a journey

What to take a journey

There was a time when many are afraid to use the services of travel agencies due to the strong increase in prices for services, and also because of the large number of firms closed down.However, the desire to relax and travel is still there, so many decide to make independent travel, for example, in his car.The route in this situation not critical, it may be a trip to Russia, and foreign travel.In this case, it is important to determine what to take a trip.There should be not only that it will be necessary every day, i.e.their daily needs, but also the possible unexpected and even the force majeure situation that may occur in transit.

Without what can not do



Perhaps the most important things that you need to take with you are the documents and money.Without documents do better away from home not to leave, but what money can buy everything you need, if something suddenly forgotten to bring.For documents, it is the following list:

  1. Russian passport.
  2. foreign passport (in ca
    se of a trip abroad).
  3. documents for your car.Driver's License
  4. Russian and international (if applicable).
  5. Medical documents (insurance and policy).
  6. Green Card (Green card).
  7. RUS sticker on cars, if the state number is not listed belonging to the State (if required).
Note! is desirable to make a pair of copies of each document, and put them in bags.

With money more or less clear, but it is better not to forget that it is not necessary to keep the cash in one place, and it is better to arrange them in batches.Also, if you travel to a foreign trip, you need to have money on the map, and the one that is accepted in the country you are visiting.

Everything you need for the driver and his car

Auto Accessories

Auto Accessories

vehicle must be in good condition and ensure that it is necessary to travel.It is necessary to replace all the consumables, carry out the necessary maintenance work, the amount of which depends on the condition of the car.And, of course, you should always carry:

  • spare tire,
  • jack,
  • rope for towing,
  • compressor,
  • extinguisher,
  • first aid kit,
  • warning triangle,
  • toolset
  • stocks of gasoline, oil, brake fluid,
  • and spare fuses, candles and other items that can be quickly replaced.

necessary things are Road Atlas and GPS-navigator.No one wants to get lost, so the means of navigation can not be neglected.Navigator will help pave the path for unknown roads, traffic jam, etc.

Note! road atlas is also useful as a navigator can make mistakes sometimes - can not be updated data.

Away from home, but with the comfort

How to stay on vacation

How to stay on vacation

to travel was a joy to all family members need to take care of a comfortable environment, as far as possible on the trip.If tourists come to spend the night and generally spend time in nature, you should have a list of items:

  1. Tent, foam mats, bedding, sleeping bags.
  2. matches, an ax, a saw, utensils for cooking - Bonfire.
  3. necessarily Hygiene: soap, wet wipes, and the usual toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, towels and other means, without which life can not imagine all the participants of the trip.If you plan to wash, you need to take a powder tank, iron, rope and clothespins.
  4. Objects picnic or a meal in the open air: blankets, mattresses, kitchen utensils (convenient disposable) containers, tables and chairs, insect repellent, jerry cans and water bottles and empty the water, cleaner water, barbecue (smokehouse,grill, etc.), a folding knife with various tools, a lot of packages, including garbage, electric, or at least the boiler, thermos, cooler bag, non-perishable food and beverages.
  5. big powerful lights, better batteries.

Stock garments

stock garments

trip can be long, so be sure to take a trip to an additional supply of clothes and shoes for different weather conditions, including warm and waterproof.We can not ignore personal belongings.For example, women need makeup, manicure set, hairbrush and other means to restore and maintain the beauty.Be sure to take sunglasses.It is very important on the road will be a notebook and a pen (pencil).

order not to go crazy with boredom

Do not forget your camera

Do not forget your camera

road is tiring, long time to sit in the car idle bored, especially for children of all ages, so take care of the leisure passengers.We need to stock up on your favorite music, magazines, books, scan and other puzzles.As for the books, it is more convenient to have them in electronic form, upload to your phone, a tablet or an e-book.In addition to these gadgets should bring:

  1. camera - a must!
  2. MP3 player for music lovers.
  3. DVD player or laptop to watch movies.
  4. Antiradar - it certainly is not a gadget, escape boredom, but it will save money (there are countries where it is prohibited by law).
  5. Children and teenagers entertained on the go portable game consoles, it will save your nerves all participants voyage.
  6. chargers, memory cards, extra batteries, headphones and other accessories for all devices.

Activities for Children

Activities for Children

not forget about health

very important, especially if children are involved in the journey, a set of drugs.The usual first-aid kit, you can not do, be sure to keep in mind all the possible situations that can be reached, and all medicines that can help in the existing position:

  1. All that will come in handy in case of wounds, abrasions, cuts, iodine, brilliant greenbandages, cotton wool, streptocid, hydrogen peroxide, patches (much).
  2. medicines for colds: paracetamol, something fizzy (Theraflu, antigrippin, Fervex);tools that help specific individuals, each may be different, including the common cold sprays, syrups and tablets cough medicine for a sore throat.
  3. Analgesic: Nospanum, pentalgin, salpadein.
  4. Calming: valerian, motherwort, Corvalol, any more.
  5. from problems related to the stomach and intestines to help activated charcoal, smectite, mizim, immodium.
  6. ointments and gels from bruises, burns and bruises.
  7. Medicines for allergies, even if none of the participants of the trip she did not suffer, no one knows exactly at what point the body will issue an allergic reaction to something.
  8. all people with any chronic illness, be it asthma, psoriasis, problems with the thyroid gland, diabetes, be sure to take the necessary appropriate preparations with a margin.
  9. For children, especially infants, requires a list of drugs that are matched with the pediatrician.
  10. sure to take a thermometer, measuring spoon, measuring cup.

First-aid kit for the journey

kit on the road

most important thing that you need to take a trip, it's a good mood and good company, then all the problems will be solved, and the trip will take great and remembered for years to come.

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