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How to learn to skate

How to learn to skate

you do not like winter, sadness, waiting for the return of the warm days are, instead prefer to walk in the cold wrap myself in a woolen blanket and watch a movie?Or maybe you just think you do not like winter, because you still do not know how to have fun at this time of the year?Some even complain that they are always in a couple of cold months gaining 2-3 kilos overweight.Of course, it also does not give joy.

Can you turn a boring evening in the icy fun when no frost is not terrible, and in any weather want to go outside?Can!To do this, simple enough to master the art of skating and skiing.

never late to learn

The first lessons at the rink

first lessons at the rink

Skiing not everybody likes, although it is difficult to find someone who has never done this winter sport.In addition, they require a fairly large financial costs for the purchase of inventory and tracksuit.Yes, and go to ride out of town, if not his car, they were not very comfortable.

quite another matter - skates.They can be put in

a backpack and go though the city, at least in any sports complex not far from the house.But how to learn to skate, if you, for example, no longer 15 years old, and sports training leaves much to be desired?Some people believe that you can master this art only in childhood and adolescence.

Note! In fact, it is quite possible, and 30, and 40, and even later.The main thing - desire.

Where to start lessons?And where better to do it?For now, there are indoor rinks that operate in the summer.But the best time for the start of classes will still be winter.This ice, blazing sun, loud cheerful music - what better way to banish the winter blues?Of course, the first lessons should not take place in splendid isolation.But a personal trainer does not make sense to hire.You just have to go to the rink with a group of friends.Among them, surely there is someone experienced and patient, who support and cheer a beginner.

Note! If you are going on the ice for the first time, do not run immediately to shop for skates.Much better would be to rent them.

It is (very small!), Chances are that you are not satisfied with their successes and lessons have thrown indefinitely.And brand new skates will gather dust in a closet.To avoid this, use the services of hire.So you can understand which model suits you best skates, and then focus on buying it.

first lesson

How to learn to stay on the ice

How to learn to stay on the ice

So, the first lesson.Ask experienced colleagues help you lace up shoes.No, no one doubts that you have learned to do it as early as kindergarten, but the fact is that you need to lace the skates very hard - it affects the stability of the ice.Already the second time you adapt himself.

Now try to get to his feet and leaning on a sturdy shoulder another roll to a side.Now it is important to learn how to stay on the ice.Just stand quietly holding ledge.Then, without releasing the rim, try slightly poskolzit - only gently.

How to skate

how to skate

carefully watch how others ride.Ask friends to show you the correct posture.Focus on one leg, body slightly tilted.Do not forget: for better stability should be slightly bent at the knees.Now let go of his hand reliable friend or a sturdy rim and try leaning on one leg, gently push off the second.

Most likely, the first time you fall.No big deal: with all this started.Climbing up, we continue to do.Scary, knees shaking, it seems that nothing happens?Do not believe these feelings.To raise the morale of their own consider how great to be able to skate!After all this activity there are plenty of advantages:

  • interesting leisure activities;
  • excellent sports training (that is, you will have no chance to gain extra weight in the winter!);
  • option for doing the whole family (great rallies the family, by the way).
Note! Do not try to learn to push off one or the other leg is better to choose one support and a start of the second.

Over time, you learn to move the weight to the right, then the left leg and make the sliding movement alternately.

Many believe that just the first lesson you need to learn to slow down.But it can be learned, and later, to begin just remember: if you want to stop, just stop accelerate with your feet parallel to each other, straighten.After some time, the force of inertia will stop working and you stop in any case.

Help friends

Help friends

first lesson should not exceed an hour in duration.Of course, all at once will fail.Look at the children: they fall, rise again "into the battle."By the way, falling also be able to better master this science as early as possible.

Note! Try not to fall back on, because it is fraught with serious injuries.

Better to do this: take the pose skater, ie slightly tilt the body forward slightly bend (even more as to relax), knees and so begin sliding movement.Now, if you lose your balance, you'll land on your knees.In this case, unlikely spinal injuries and fractures.Let faithful companion does not depart far away from you.It would be great if the first lesson you learn just to be able to stand and move a little bit - it's a wonderful result.

improving skills

Skating Lessons

Lessons skating

second lesson treat yourself after a short time, for example, a week later, so that the muscles have not forgotten how to do the movements.Now it will be easier: you can already stand on skates, now it's time to go to the skating.To quickly learn and feel confident, do a couple of laps with your friends: Let your will pick up on both sides and a ride "with the wind."Then, try to ride on their own.Do not forget about the hands that although experienced skaters pull their arms behind his back to increase the speed, it will be better for you to stretch them apart and help themselves to keep balance.Start slowly skating around.

the next lesson, learn to turn.Try to slow down the ridge teeth, falling back one foot.Just do it carefully, you can drop the habit.

In general, science skating there is nothing particularly difficult.Suppose that you do not become a master of sport and not get to the World Figure Skating Championships, the basic techniques you will learn quite easily.

Family fun at the rink

Family fun at the rink

Bring Children learn together is much more fun!A few lessons at the rink - and winter sparkle with new colors: from gray and cold, it will be a bright and maybe even hot if riding vigorously, then twenty below will transcend.And then, lying on a beach somewhere on the Black Sea coast at the height of August, you will not be upset at the thought that the summer will soon be over.After all, he will be replaced by multi-colored autumn with its mushroom glades and juicy watermelon, and then - cheerful merry winter with snow, frost, and of course, horses!

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