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How to save electricity

How to save electricity

Everyone who wants to save at least something begins to count their expenses for water, gas and electricity.How to save water and gas are all aware, we will talk about how to reduce energy consumption.Modern society is increasingly resorting to sophisticated household appliances that consume large amounts of electricity: dishwashers, microwave ovens, televisions, irons, kettles, Multivarki and more.Make life easier on the one hand, we increase the weight of its other, as for such a pleasure to pay.

Save electricity, you save natural resources

save electricity, you save natural resources

numerous ways to save energy should be used on a daily basis for greater efficiency and to greater savings.In addition, the reduction of power consumption can not only improve the state of the family budget, but also has a great impact on more global things.For example:

  1. Reduced emissions of harmful substances in the world.
  2. Reduced energy intensity of the whole country.
  3. room becomes more comfortable.
  4. saving energy for future generations.

According to statistics, in the Russian lighting spends 14% of all electricity generated.Do we always sensible approach to the use of such a large amount of electricity?So here's how to save on electricity.

few tips for home

Do basic business day

Do basic business day
  1. The simplest - is to consume as little electric light.For example, you can often do their own thing during the day, using natural daylight.By the way, keeping nocturnal and artificial lighting adversely affect human health.Develop depression, chronic fatigue, and chronic illness.
  2. Wash windows Wash windows should be cleaned more often lighting: what they are cleaner, the greater the degree of light in the room.If the device is always kept in a clean condition, it is possible, for example, buy a lower power light bulbs.
  3. to improve the quality of lighting in the room, you need to frequently and efficiently wash the windows.Sunlight not only delay the switching of electrical loads, but also warm room during the cold season.
  4. should be used as often as possible to the combined coverage.This means that you need not include all light bulbs in the chandelier, and more, for example, 1-2 bulbs, you can turn on a table lamp.
  5. Dimmers Dimmers To save the family budget will help modern energy-saving appliances: Dimmer (illumination that can be rotated and gradually change the degree of illumination), motion sensors, digital switches, impulse relays.At the entrance a very effective method is to use the built-in system of automatic on / off light.
  6. use of energy efficient light bulbs (fluorescent, LED) significantly reduces power consumption.In addition, these bulbs are much longer than usual.
  7. The oldest and most common advice - turn off the lights when leaving the room.

Turn off the lights when leaving the room

Turn off the lights when leaving the room

advantages of energy-saving light bulbs

These bulbs consume several times less energy, are more luminous, distribute light more evenly than conventional bulbs.

Energy saving light bulb

Energy saving light bulb

Often there are cases of long-term rapid burnout bulbs.Most likely, these cases are related or with a bad wiring or a location where often there is a change mode on or off.More on the work lights affect the sharp and frequent surges, too high or too low temperature.Also, be aware that these lamps as fluorescent, undesirable to use in devices that regulate the lighting.

Note!If begins gradually replace light bulbs in the room, you should start with changing the light bulbs, which have long been working.

tariff meters

will understand in counters.Let us consider briefly the types of meters and the benefits of their use.



counters are:

  • Induction (electro) - old type of meters.Yet they are called, one tariff, as they take into account the energy of a single tariff.
  • Electronic - a more refined kind of counters.With this meter can not only produce accounting evidence, and measure at a certain time of day electricity consumption.

They are divided into:

  • dual-rate counters.The tariff is only two types: day and night.Daily rates start from 7 am and ends at 23.00 and 23.00 a night and was suspended at 7.00.And the night the way of electricity consumption is cheaper.
  • tariff meters.In this case it meets some tariffs.So, time is divided into the "peak" and "semi-peak" zone.Each zone has its own tariff.For example, the "peak" zone is from 7.00 do10.00 and from 17.00 to 21.00, and "semi-peak" - from 10.00 to 17.00 and from 21.00 to 23.00.A night time - from 23.00 to 7.00.



According to experts, the consumption of electricity during the night the amount of payment for electricity decreased by approximately 4 times.Also, the use of household appliances in the "semi-peak" zone will save energy up to 25% of the daily rate.

In this case, the lucky "owls", which are nocturnal, and pay the least for electricity.Some will be difficult to move to another mode of the day, so you should charge the elementary phones, tablets, cameras and other devices at night to save money and spend it on more important things.

Note! tariff meters is a very good deal for the person who is sitting up late.But if all of its activities will take place only in the daytime of the day, it is not particularly tariff meters will help to save.

Before you buy any electric meter, it is necessary to weigh the "pros" and "cons" to identify active time electricity consumption, and finally to choose the meter.

Use only the necessary equipment

The computer in sleep mode

computer to sleep

It often happens that we leave the appliances in "sleep" mode, which in turn increases the consumption of electricity.Some might say that the device consumes very little, but if you calculate the cost of all the devices in the "standby" and put the amount for the year will turn out rather big number.For example, the TV in the middle "expects" 19 hours microwave - 23, 8:00, and a CD player 23 hours a day, accounting for 5-10% of the electricity consumption in the whole apartment.Tip - turn off unnecessary equipment from the wall outlet.

Upgrade appliances

Class of energy saving

class energy saving

has long been observed that the old appliances consume several times more electricity than new.With older devices will not save here - you need to occasionally buy new equipment, paying attention to the energy efficiency of the product.To find out how energy efficient a particular device, you need to pay attention to when buying a label on the device.The label must be alphabetic signs A to G. Mark A means that the product is highly effective.Most low-efficiency unit with the letter G.

Note!Highly devices not only use less electricity during operation, but also consume it in a smaller amount in the "standby".

Proper use

Everyone knows how to use household appliances, but not all are guided by these rules, forgetting that the counter continues to count rubles.


Most defrost fridge

Most defrost refrigerator

To save on the refrigerator, you should not put it near heat sources (stove, battery under the sunlight), not to use it in the roomwhich is hot, do not put too close to a wall.You also need to constantly to defrost the refrigerator and washing whole.


to work more effectively need to be cleaned as often as possible vacuum cleaner dust.It is advisable to do it every time after the completion of the unit in order not to forget not to postpone the matter until later.

Note!Most this device consumes power when you turn on and off, so the vacuum cleaner should not be disabled unnecessarily.

Electric stove

This type of household appliances consume large amounts of electricity.With this plate must take into account the fact that such devices as toasters, microwave ovens, electric kettles costing the owner more profitable.

Microwave profitable appliance

Microwave profitable appliance

With their help, you can not only save money, but also to minimize the time of preparation of various dishes.


lot requires electricity.One has to resort to cold and quick washing a full load of laundry.

Washing machine consumes a lot of electricity

Washing machine consumes a lot of electricity


In a well-ventilated place air-conditioning would be superfluous.If it is required, you need to properly set the temperature, often to clean the fans and filters, close all doors and windows.


In order to save on power consumption PC is necessary to reduce the brightness of the monitor, turn off the computer and its peripherals (printers, scanners, modems) when there is no need to use them.The best option would be a replacement for a laptop computer, as it consumes much less electricity.


Electric heater does not allow to save

electric heater does not allow to save

This type of device is a true "devourer" of electricity.And reduce consumption, alas, does not.But it is possible to resort to other methods of heating.

First you need to insulate all you can: floors, windows, walls, etc.You can put plastic windows, or seal cracks in conventional windows.Will replacement, washing or increase battery life.

better to use the heater as little as possible.


Use Household Tricks

Use Household Tricks

When using the device, it is important to give preference to iron with automatic shut-off - save money and spent force.It is necessary to properly apply the different modes of ironing fabrics.Do not overdry the laundry, but also to keep it moist, too, is not necessary.In both cases it is necessary to spend a huge amount of power.

Note! can apply a clever trick: a few minutes before the end of the ironing cord should be disconnected from the wall outlet.Thus, the iron will remain hot, but spend less electricity.

Modern methods

One interesting way is a device called "household power meter," which costs about $ 30.He can certainly help many families to save on the amount of electricity consumption at home.It uses it to analyze the costs of electricity, based on the work of this unit.

Household power meter

Household power meter

With domestic power meter can be found:

  1. profitable to use a dishwasher?
  2. How much electricity was spent per day?
  3. What consumes one or another instrument off?

These and many other questions will help answer this irreplaceable thing.Thanks wattmeter can see who, when, how much and in what unit consumed electricity, which means that you can draw conclusions and decide how you can save.

Thus, after reviewing all the ways to save on electricity, it can be concluded, to save electricity is real!Importantly, do not forget to save, and constantly remind everyone in the family about this.

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