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What is decoupage

What is decoupage

Decoupage - one of the most popular hobby in recent years.But if embroidery, knitting and weaving - the usual, traditional domestic art, decoupage at first glance seems to be something new.Many people wonder what the decoupage and how it was that he quickly gained a leading position among fads.

History of origin of decoupage

Chest decoupage 16th century

Chest decoupage 16th century

In fact it's quite old art.It is believed that it appeared in Germany in XV.Then it was used to decorate furniture.

Note! It was a way to give subjects the interior beauty inexpensively.

He even called the "poor technique."

What is this technique?Paintings, drawings - in short, any images - carry over items from wood, glass, fabric.Then the newly created product is varnished.This is done both for the beauty and in order to extend the life of the latter-day masterpiece.

Antique table with decoupage in the Chinese style

Antique table with Chinese-style decoupage

In Europe of the Middle Ages, it was fashionable to use inlay in Chinese and Japanese styles

.At the court of Marie Antoinette is the art was so popular that they owned almost all the ladies.

Masterpieces "poor art»

Antique chest of drawers with decoupage

Antique dresser with decoupage

Since bygone times decoupage technique underwent few changes.Only now it is no longer "poor art".By the way, the old chairs and tables, very few copies have survived to the present day, now worth a fortune.Could the masters who created their masterpieces of cheap materials available to them, suggest that in the future people will spread the huge sums at auction to buy decorated them using improvised home furnishings?After all, no one's silver or gold or gems on them there ... This amazing work of art once considered only an imitation of expensive oriental inlays.Time passed, and now they can compete in price.

Guide novice master

Tray with decoupage

Tray with decoupage

Can you master the art of the common man or the need to have a special talent to create works of medieval masters like products?Beginners are always afraid to take on new business.However, it should only learn the basics - go easy on the matter itself.After the first successful steps you feel the inspiration that can be and will not put you on a par with the great artists, but will provide an opportunity to give someone always unique gifts for any occasion.

So, you've decided that from now on - no conventional shopping for holiday dates.No identical cups or standard chairs or simple glass vases - now you will present to friends and family only original present!Then it is time to begin to learn the basics of decoupage.

Subjects with decoupage

Objects with decoupage

What will it take to work?To do this, you first need to decide on a gift.Let's say you decide to give a wooden cutting board - a thing absolutely necessary every woman.So she turned to the original, above it will have a little "pokoldovat."

napkins for decoupage

Napkins for decoupage

It should be reserved in advance:

  • special napkin for decoupage;
  • alcohol (vodka may be);
  • acrylic (or water-based) paint;
  • with white glue or acrylic;
  • varnish - eg parquet.

First of all you need to degrease the product, which will be applied to the image.This can be done with alcohol or vodka.If you skip this step and go directly to the main, then the image may peel off, and the product will lose all its beauty.

We cover the white paint

We cover the white paint

Then apply a primer - such as acrylic paint.Should wait until completely dry, then you can re-apply a layer of acrylic paint.

Cut pictures

cut pictures

Now comes the main stage.It is necessary to carefully cut out the image on a napkin, having removed the top two layers.Next, spread the glue and glue the picture for.

Note!Then wipe must dry completely.

Tinted picture

tinted image

you can dream a little.For example, when the cloth is dry, something tint, paint on, shaded background.Last

manipulation - prefinished lacquer works.The most persistent attempt to achieve a complete fusion of the object coated with a picture to make it look a whole.

Note! It's not as easy as it seems.Luck would have to put a lot of times, always waiting for it to dry.

may be required to put up 30 or 40 layers, as in the works of medieval masters.But the result will please: the picture will look as if it is - part of the subject, and the nail will stay for a long time and will not crack.

In general, it is available to all arts . materials for decoupage is easy to find, they are reasonably priced, and the result is true masterpieces that can please the relatives.

Awaken the artist

Casket with decoupage

box with decoupage

What else can you decorate with this technique?Can dishes: plates, glasses and cups.By purchasing a set of conventional glass stemware glasses for wine or juice, you can turn them from consumer goods to the individual, "piece" goods, decorated with scenes, interesting or memorable for someone who is present.

Watch with decoupage

clock decoupage

interesting idea of ​​creating jewelry and clocks.The store, which sells products for hobby, it is necessary to purchase a blank - form for the hours he clockwork and napkins to decoupage a picture you like.

Note! can add details: rhinestones, decorative pebbles, shells, beads, beads.

Notepad with decoupage

Notepad with decoupage

for a teenage girl or young woman romantic mood will be a great gift notebook, which was used in the decoration elements of decoupage.Here, of course, will be good roses, hearts of different sizes, with ruddy cheeks angels.As a supplement will serve as lace, colored rhinestones, buttons, even unusual shapes.

Adult lady will surely enjoy a bowl of the original picture.Anyone, even the most simple bouquet will look at this vase is much more advantageous.

Vase with decoupage

Vase with decoupage

Can not decide where to start careers master decoupage?Watch the video - there is presented to the beginners lessons of any degree of complexity, and you can decide that you will be able to do.

modern man, "oppressed" the different patterns of thinking and generally accepted standards of behavior, strict frameworks office everyday life, it seems at times that the work left in early is not true!Give yourself the freedom to invent and reinvent the permit, and dozed off again wake up creative streak.And you can start with decoupage ...