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How to draw walls in the nursery

How to draw walls in the nursery

parenting there is no insignificant moments.Spoken word, read a book, surrounding objects - all this puts an imprint on the personality of the little man.Therefore, the design of the room for the baby to be approached with great responsibility.Not all parents can easily make costly repairs and change the furniture in the baby's room, but without weighty financial costs can be surrounded by baby items are not only beautiful, comfortable, but also beneficial to their health and development.Thinking interior, choosing age-appropriate toys and furniture, try to decide in advance how to decorate the walls in the nursery to your kid it was quiet, comfortable, interesting and informative.

development of the child and child's room interior

Flower meadow Children

Flower field on a wall nursery

Interior will require changes in two or three years, because the interests and needs of early childhood vary greatlyfast.Probably the most simple, cost-effective and efficient way - to issue a new nursery wall, focu

sing on the child's age and his favorite activities.

for infants who can not yet confident enough to move, it's important to learn how to focus and get some basic knowledge about the world.In this case, enough to decorate the walls with bright images of flowers, animals, toys that will interest him.And for older kids can pick up baby Mural paintings with nature.However, choosing wallpaper, try to look at them through the eyes of her baby, but better with it.Children's fantasy - an unpredictable thing, in the most innocent images of a child may see something unpleasant, even frightening for themselves, and lovingly decorated children's turn to him the room horrors.If you see that your child does not like patterns on the wallpaper, give up the purchase.

Walls where you can draw

walls where you can draw

barely learned to walk and hold a pencil, a small designer starts to change its interior.To not on expensive wallpaper appeared brand new, and the parent view, not too relevant pictures, better to take care of a dedicated spot on the wall to his artist's masterpieces.To do this, limit the scope section of the wall, which will be convenient to draw a child, align, primed and cover matte white paint.From time to time drawings can be simply washed off the wall to make room for further work.

Love and fantasy prompt parents how to decorate the walls of the nursery, which hang cognitive images and photographs.Well, if from an early age the kid sees on the walls not only their image, but also a photo mom and dad, grandparents, friends.This will give him a sense of security, involvement in family life, the sense of his roots.

Butterfly wall decals

butterfly wall decals

use embroidery, appliques, in fact, if not the most brilliant patterns when decorating the walls in the children's room will make not only cozy and comfortable,these things will serve as a constant expression of parental love and care.

Color solution

The stylish decoration of the walls in destkoy

stylish wall decoration in destkoy

not very expensive paper wall - the optimal solution for the decoration of the room for the baby.But if you must buy from the seller to demand a document confirming their safety to health.It is not necessary, choosing wallpaper, bright prints to get involved, no matter how attractive they did not seem better to stay on the plain, not too saturated blue, green, golden-pink shades.In a new posting at this cozy, quiet background different image, you can quickly change the interior of a room in accordance with the interests of the younger child.

Cute wallpaper in the nursery

Cute wallpaper in the nursery

Generally, an abundance of bright, contrasting colors in the interior of the room can have too great a burden on the psyche of a young child, to make it overly excitable or, conversely,depressed.

different design options

Zoning space nursery

Zoning in child

very simple and accessible method of wall decoration child - using a variety of designer labels stickers.With their help, you can designate functional zones in the room: pictures fairy-tale characters, toys, animals - a place for games, numbers and letters - are the child will study the alphabet or drawing.Stickers easy to attach to the wall and just as easy to remove without damaging the wallpaper.Growing up, the child can do it yourself.


Children's drawings on the walls

The unusual design of the walls of the children unusual decoration of the walls of children's

Children's drawings are inserted in a frame and hung on the walls make the room more personal.Attach drawings on the wall and you can with the help of colored tape, which does not leave any marks on the walls.

Children's drawings, applications, homemade, flags and garlands, a collection of postcards or other expensive items your child can simply attach clothespins to a rope and hang on the walls.

Vinyl wall stickers

Vinyl wall stickers

time will come, and vivid images of dolls, airplanes, houses give way to images of famous musical groups, confusing labels.Whatever belonged to the mother, she is likely to have to take a self-expression of his child, comforted by the fact that during this period, too, will pass.

Do not try to make a child's room is completely finished look, leave room for creativity and the expression of his interests.Let the room is developed along with it.


Vinyl stickers - tree

vinyl stickers - tree

Spring tree on a wall nursery

Spring tree on a wall of children's

Wall decoration pictures

Wall decoration pictures

Wall drawing

Wall Drawing

Multicolored circles on the walls

colored circles on the walls

Useful things on the walls

Useful stuff on the walls

Decorated the walls of children

decorated the walls of the children's room

Bright jungle nursery

Bright jungle child

Drawn giraffes

Drawn giraffes

The creative design of children

Creative design of children's

Mural in the nursery

Mural in child

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