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How quickly to restore order at home

How quickly to restore order at home

house or apartment at least can be divided into five areas: entrance hall, kitchen, living room, bathroom and toilet rooms.It would be great if you can pay a daily 15-minute cleaning one area of ​​the apartment (as have time for a specified time).Make at least one attempt, and see that the order in the house at once will increase.On weekends, you will only vacuumed and wiped the dust.Regular brief cleaning of the apartment - the process is fast, effortless and enjoyable.

Quick cleaning of the apartment



But do not worry, if the process of the daily maintenance of cleanliness and order more difficult for your family.We always have the hostesses left-proven way to quickly clean the house, which can be used if, for example, you suddenly know that just about you descend guests.Let's try to figure out how to put things in order at home quickly in an emergency.

  • Download the dirty laundry in the washing machine (of course, observing the color gamut) and run mode Streaky
    .Remaining underwear in a secluded place, a place reserved for storage.
  • Apply special detergents on the sink, tub and toilet, leave them in the treated condition for some time to "otkisla" mud, while they themselves continue to run, such as the kitchen.
  • If accumulated dirty dishes, pour it directly into the sink with hot water and detergent, pre-plugged drain plug.Let it pomoknet 5-10 minutes, then easily remove food debris and you will only have to rinse plates, cups, spoons.

Cleaning the glass

glass cleaner
  • While utensils "soak", go to the bathroom and toilets, wash facility with surface sinks, baths, toilet.
  • with a spray glass cleaner and cloth, designed to eliminate dust, quickly wipe the mirrors in the house and, if necessary, the windows and room doors.
  • Go back to the kitchen to rinse already clean dishes.
  • Wipe furniture with a cloth made of microfiber, which in an instant easily removes dust on furniture and household appliances.
  • Do not forget that you still wears underwear.Hang the laundry at the end of the wash.
  • After this operational work done in your house will definitely be a full order!You can start to prepare dinner for your guests.

Take note

cleaning of the apartment

Apartment cleaning
  • Do not neglect all sorts of economic innovations: a super effective rags, wipes, sprays, brushes and mops.These things can become your indispensable helpers in cleaning the home and greatly facilitate life.
  • If all horizontal surfaces in rooms are free and clean (not cluttered with many objects), the apartment will look neat.
  • There is always a sense of accuracy when the glass or mirror surface shine on the purity of the furniture, not dusty or covered with spots.

The order of the kitchen

Procedure kitchen
  • If the rooms are scattered throughout the many small items, collect them temporarily in a decorative box or basket.In all the places it can be expanded when the free time will stand.
  • continuously strives to maintain order in the kitchen, cleaning products in the refrigerator, and pots and dishes in the cabinets.Usually in the apartments small kitchen area, and nowhere in it to create a sense of clutter.
  • to furniture began to look fresh, clean it with a damp sponge.
  • and advice at last: to not clutter up your apartment, remember to: a thing that you did not need in six months, give it to those who need it, or rather throw in a landfill.

As you can see, quickly put things in order at home very easily.With a little effort, and your home will always be clean!

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