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How to clean the carpet at home

How to clean the carpet at home

one of the favorite elements in the interior decor of any home or apartment has always been and remains the carpet.He lies on the floor or hanging on the wall, delighting the eye with it is always cozy and warm.However, these products are often referred to as "dust collectors" for its ability to accumulate in a pile large number of small particles that are present in the air.Regular carpet cleaning is a must event that not only refreshes its appearance, but also maintains the health of the holders of this wealth.How to clean the carpet at home right, not to damage it?Vacuuming can be cleaned with any excess dust from the carpet pile as contamination: someone likes to do it daily, others - are content with one or two cleaning in the week.But once or twice a year is necessary to make the carpet in the sun outside and beat the dust out of its base.We should not hang it on the fence, rope, pipe or other horizontal profile, and then process it hard cracker, as a result of mechanical impact over time it

can break and come into disrepair.The recipe of our grandmothers, proven for centuries, says: better to place it in the winter nap and go down on it clapper, well cleaning all areas.

The clean carpet

The clean carpet

Walking pets with dirty paws, feast with delicious greasy food and other manipulations related to lying on the floor soft covering most incredible leave traces and stains that mar its appearance.Before cleaning in this case often "do not reach the hands" or cost of the service significantly increases the contingencies of the family budget.Learn the secrets of how to clean the carpet at home, so as not to disrupt its structure, can learn from the advice of experienced hostesses.

Carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner

carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner
  1. Saline solution (1 tablespoon of salt per 1000 ml of water) with the addition of a few drops of lemon juice (or 2 tsp. citric acid) is able to "revive" the carpet bright exciting colors.The solution was coated on the brush, which can be carried out on wool products strictly according to the direction of the nap, or to clean the product is contraindicated!(Brush with any substance that will clean the carpet, conducted strictly in this area!) You can sprinkle finely ground salt "Extra" on the carpet, and then wipe with a broom or brush dipped in warm water.Carry out a few of these cleaning sessions, and in the end to vacuum the carpet.The same role can take on large bran or sawdust.
  2. Brightness rugs gives a solution of vinegar.After treatment the carpet cleaner with a brush purify weak acetic solution (20 ml of 6-9% sodium vinegar 1000 ml water).After this procedure, the room should be thoroughly aired.
  3. excellent reputation ammonia solution (2 tsp per 1000 ml of water).Or take the same amount of water, add the 2 tablespoonswashing powder and one - alcohol ammonia.Not soaking carpet backing, wipe it with a soft brush or cloth, then wipe dry.
  4. usual tea, brewed several times, wet sprinkle dirty carpet.Once they take all the specks of dust and rubbish over, broom or brush to sweep the remnants of tea leaves and enjoy the purity and freshness of bright fluffy rugs.

clean the carpet from different spots

  1. Fresh stains from coffee or tea should be wet with a dry cloth and then treat it with a brush with a solution of soap.Dried spot at night is necessary to pre-treat with glycerine, and only in the morning - clean it with soapy water.
  2. Blood stains on the carpet displayed in the usual way - with cold water.Dried blood spot cover with a damp cloth and when it becomes moist and softened by treating it with a brush dipped in cold water.
  3. Dirt usual, without reagents brought from the city streets, you need to dry thoroughly and then vacuum with a special nozzle for cleaning and processing of carpets.
  4. Spots of wax wax stains Spots from paraffin wax or carpets should be cleaned cold.Applied to him ice wrapped in a plastic bag.Frozen piece of paraffin wax or remove the carpet clean and easy.A small drop of this substance can be covered with an absorbent cloth and ironed not very hot iron.
  5. with ice as artlessly displayed a spot on the gum.
  6. One tspgrated soap mixed with 1 tspvinegar and pour one liter of warm water.Fresh stains salads, fruits, chocolate and other accidentally fallen from the table of products, easy to clean with the solution.
  7. «exotic" way to clean carpets at home, invented by our ancestors.It turns out to be very effective this can be done with the help of ... sauerkraut prepared without the addition of vinegar.Fresh stains or dirt on the carpet to remove the plaque can wring cabbage from the brine and spilling it on the carpet.To remove the odor can be pre-rinsed with tap water.Cleans carpet brush with pickled vegetables.When the cabbage is dirty, it was washed in a colander and then repeat the procedure.After processing sauerkraut carpet should be thoroughly dried and finally vacuum.Of course, at this time the carpet can not be used!
  8. Stains from wine stains wine stains chronic helps you to remove a mixture of soap and "favorite feed iron horse" - gasoline.One part of water was mixed with the same amount of gasoline and dissolved in the emulsion 10 parts soap.If you get a very thick consistency, a little diluted with water.Rub in the contaminated areas, then rinse with soapy water.
  9. Average spot fat is easily removed with pure gasoline or a mixture of ammonia and water in equal amounts.
  10. The spots of ink ink stains Spilled ink need to immediately fill the salt to the liquid ink immediately absorbed.You can then gently with soap and water to wash it off.
  11. refurbish favorite bright color of the carpet can be liquid from the potatoes peeled and grated fresh potatoes, diluted with water.The starch contained in both cases, will give your carpet a "living" color.

To clean the carpet at home, you can use not only a universal means of Vanish, but also the conventional products that are "at hand" in any housewife.This is a very simple means, capable to transform your home into a cozy and warm "nest".


How to remove stains from the carpet, see the following footage:

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