Healthy hair: preparations for the care and nutrition

healthy hair

How to make your hair beautiful and healthy?Proper care and nutrition of hair

most fashionable hairstyle in this season - not fully coiffed hair, shiny and stylish ease.Stylist Ken Picton claims that are relevant today natural and healthy hair.

If you are lucky enough to have from birth the thick, flowing and wavy hair, to achieve such a result is possible only with some effort and professional care.

Beautiful hair color

thing of the past fashion raccoon stripes, two-tone hair, unnatural colors.Today, preference is given to natural shades - warm, intense and breathing health.Blondes suit warm shades interspersed with ash.Brunettes - chocolate tones with reddish reflections.

Hair structure

use of curling irons and hair straighteners damage and deprive them of their luster.But modern cosmetology offers a huge amount of reinforcing and feeding sprays that give luster dim strands and protect from exposure to high temperatures.There may also be useful for hair shampoos, conditioners - condi

tioners and masks.

right tool for the care and hair styling

stylist Darren Bain recommends that women of fashion to create the effect of naturalness, using a minimum of hair styling to look natural curls.This applies to any hairstyle: a ponytail or bun, loose or flowing hair to the middle of the shoulders.

To do this, apply a little bit of light mousse and evenly distribute it through his hair.Dry your hair naturally or "help" their hands near a heat source.Using curling irons or large diameter heated rollers can get the effect of bohemian waves.Stylist to the need of funds for the care and styling to create the image of uncut.

healthy body - healthy hair

Remember that healthy hair is directly proportional to the state of your health.Check out our most effective tips.

  1. balanced diet. stylist Andrew Barton, who is engaged in the hair of many stars, believes that the roots of the hair - is the incubator of hair growth, and power is supplied to it through the circulatory system.Therefore, the hair, as well as throughout the body to maintain the health and growth requires good nutrition and exercise.It is recommended to eat foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E. They are rich in green leafy vegetables (choose orange, green and yellow vegetables), citrus fruits, lentils, eggs and coconuts.
  2. right fats. There is such a thing as the right fat.Thanks to him, your skin and hair will be healthy.Omega - fats contain essential fatty acids, beneficial for the hair.And if you include in your diet large amounts of fatty fish varieties, then your hair will receive the necessary for their growth proteins and fatty acids omega-3 and 6.


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