Classes at the ballet machine: fashionable and efficiently

Classes at the ballet machine

stanka- ballet lessons at a new way to make your body beautiful and fit

In your opinion, what can be common among celebrities such as Sophia Vergara, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow?You will be surprised, but they practice ballet lessons at the machine, and do it with pleasure.The latest fashion in fitness offers us to use graceful ballet movements, yoga and Pilates along with strength training, as well as the usual cardio equipment.

Of course, such high popularity of the traditional ballet lessons at the projectile caused great results that can be achieved spirited workouts.Simply put, this trend has already proved its undeniable effectiveness.The components of it are various exercises of other systems and programs that are aimed at developing and strengthening the flexibility of the joints, and during the process itself involved are absolutely all muscle groups.

course, lessons should be carried out in specially equipped rooms, where is there, in fact, a ballet bar and there are panoramic mi

rror, looking at that, you can control not only the synchronicity, but also the correctness of the exercises.Present at the special sessions dress socks with appropriate pads that provide a good grip with the floor surface.To increase the effectiveness of training using weighting, various balls and straps.

Technique and features borrowed from the machine

basic exercises on such classes is, of course, plié - a deep squat.Also, so-called arabesques, and so on. Movements that wonderful tighten and strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.Participants classes perform different exercises the fiery rhythms of Latin music, so that the atmosphere in the room is very, very nice, warm and sometimes even hot.

Some elements of the program included in their studies and Liz Halfpapp, which considers that this practice will help many women to solve the problem of excess weight, especially in the so-called "critical areas".It suggests to increase the overall density of the muscle tissue of the legs, which naturally leads to an increase in metabolism and improve the overall appearance.

in ballet classes with the machine often used exercises triceps.Actually, it's all kinds of flexion and extension.Carefully working through this group, you will find your form and make your feet the subject of envious women's views.

But also a lot of attention in this program is given to the formation of correct posture and strengthen the abdominal muscles and back.By the way, it will also help you to make the gait of lightness and ease, so that men like.

Various training programs

If you are of the opinion that it is for the stars are the most effective exercise program, you probably will like the opportunity to buy them on DVD.So you can at home to repeat the simple but effective systems that will lead you to an excellent result.

For example, look at the program coach Madonna - Sadie Lincoln.Classes for the duration of the order of 40 minutes, during which you will meet with yoga, dance and Pilates.Surprisingly, with instructor lifting weights and strength training will take place as if you are doing an amateur ballet: easy.But do not be fooled: effective workout - it's hard work, so do not be distracted or give yourself slack.

Here, for example, Tracy Anderson invites you to combine classes with exercises at the barre in the prone position, complementing the complex dance steps.Incidentally, the instructor believes that the type of program should be based on individual characteristics of the body structure, which was manifested in a series of trainings "Metamorphosis."Like her colleagues, Anderson shared the idea that the greatest effect has the type of workout that combines multiple repetitions with minimal weights.The average duration of its activities shall not exceed 90 minutes.

Based on the popular method of L. Burke was developed very effective program, which are the basic units of Pilates and yoga.This complex is very loved all over the world, and his worshipers appear as ordinary citizens, as well as movie stars and singers.

Select the option that best suits you.And then training will bring not only benefits, but also gives you positive emotions!