Hair: advantages and disadvantages

hair extension

What are the advantages and disadvantages exist when the procedure of hair extensions

Today, modern beauty salons offer the ladies change their appearance using the procedure hair extensions.In fact, the appearance of the image of long-haired beauties definitely not go unnoticed, and men will not disregard long-haired beauty, because it has long been known weakness of the strong half of humanity - women's long hair.But the length of the hair can not be changed, but simply to create an additional volume or use a different color strands that will also change the image.However, we must remember that the hair extensions in addition to the benefits has its drawbacks.Therefore, deciding on this procedure, weigh all the "pros" and "cons".

Benefits hair extensions

The main argument in favor of hair extensions - a way to turn a few hours of the holders of a short hairstyle in a long-haired mermaid.With increasing the opportunity to increase the length of the hair up to 70 centimeters!

There are cases in which this procedure becomes a real salvation - for example, if your hair is not naturally differ in density and very thin, or if the last haircut done quite badly and somehow fix it with the help of a haircut does not.Here and come to the rescue capacity.It is possible to build up the individual strands, e.g., in the fringe zone to make it thicker and to increase the length.

With hair extensions produce coloring or highlighting, it is not necessary to dye their hair, and then a long time to grow or change color if you want to change again.Simply enough Removal of extension strands.

Disadvantages hair extensions

main drawback of hair extensions is a small amount of hair, because in some cases will be seen the junction of extension and natural hair strands.Even if the compound strand is not visible, they are visible to the touch in any case.Not all men are so positive hairstyles.Another drawback of hair extension concerns, in fact, care.Such hair can not be washed, head bent forward.Therefore it is necessary to wash a head in an upright position, either in the shower or in the barbershop or salon.Hair graft is strong enough confused, they should be combing up to three times a day with special comb, and when washing is required to use the balm, which when applied to avoid connection points synthetic strands with natural hair and hair roots.

After the procedure, you can not sleep in her hair.Before going to bed they have to gather in a ponytail or braid into a braid.

There are subtleties concerning specific way of building.If the build-up was carried out by means of metal clips in your hair will constantly feel the presence of something extra.And while building using glue should abandon the sauna and forget about swimming in the sea water.

order of extension hair requires not only meticulous care, but also a regular correction, which is held every two - four months.

And, of course, we must take into account the cost of the procedure, which is not cheap, but at a low price should think about the quality of services offered.Correction is two times cheaper.


important to know that hair extensions does not fit all.It is forbidden to build if a woman has a sensitive scalp when hair fall heavily, it is impossible to increase when taking a series of hormonal drugs and vascular dystonia.

But if you have no contraindications, and you are ready to bravely take care of graft hair properly, you just have to choose a competent master who has loyal customers and a positive recommendation and enjoy your new way!

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