Shiatsu: oriental massage technique


How to keep youth and health with the help of the Eastern Shiatsu

In the East, it is believed that man and nature controls the energy that is able to both create and destroy.If harmony is not broken, the energy is positive and the person is healthy.But irregularities in the circulation of energy crashes, causing it becomes destructive and a person becomes susceptible to various diseases and ailments.

Eastern philosophy states that energy moves in 14 special channels.They are the point of "tsubo" in which energy can weaken or stagnate.To restore its movement must be properly "work" with these points.

Shiatsu - is available to all

Shiatsu - a method that is widely used in Japan.Japan's Ministry of Health treated as a method Shiatsu "Shiatsu - type of treatment, in which the hands and fingers are putting pressure on the active points of the body to improve regulatory processes in the body and health."

Shiatsu helps to fight with various problems: headaches and osteochondrosis, with ulcers a

nd asthma.With elements of Shiatsu can relieve fatigue after work, do a facial massage and stimulate mental activity.The man who owns the secrets of shiatsu, can be calm for their mood and health - he will always help themselves ... with their hands.

Shiatsu is the only one of the methods that do not require special medical knowledge.Anyone who is going to learn and apply shiatsu, can simply observe some simple rules.Namely ...

- The main condition for the application of techniques of shiatsu - complete relaxation.If you feel the stress, it is best to discard the session.To relax most easily when lying down.It eliminates the standing position.

- Shiatsu should be done only in healthy areas of the skin where there are no sores, lesions or inflammation.

- Duration of action with one hand movement - 5- 7 seconds.The total duration of exposure to a single point - about 2 minutes.

- Shiatsu To achieve its goal, a massed point is determined very precisely.

- Shiatsu - pressing is made with soft fingertips - so if you move them on the weight of the body.It is necessary to ensure that there was no pressing jerky or massaging.It should not cause discomfort.

- Facial massage is performed with three fingers: index, middle and ring.Eyes massage using whole hand.

- hand and fingers the person performing shiatsu, should be warm, the skin of fingers - clean nails - short.

- Action acupressure lasts for 24 hours after the session, but if desired, it is not forbidden to carry out, and 2-3 times a day.

-Do this method there are no contraindications, except for heavy condition associated with cancer, and acute infectious diseases, schizophrenia and massive damage to the skin.

Shiatsu facial

on our face takes 8 meridians, forming a network.It supplies energy to all parts of the head.With Shiatsu can affect certain point, which are responsible for facial muscle tone.This prevents the appearance of wrinkles, tightens oval face, large pores are eliminated.

facial massage should be done regularly in the morning and evening, after thorough cleansing.At the end of the massage with your fingertips, apply cream appropriate for your skin type.

to shine in the eyes - slight pressure conics fingers on the inner corners of the eyes.Repeat 3 times for 3 seconds.

against wrinkles on the forehead - push the index and middle fingers of both hands, smoothing from the center of the forehead to the temples - 30 seconds.

against wrinkles at the mouth - with his thumb and index finger to massage the corners of the mouth from the bottom up - 30 seconds.

for neck

The back of his left hand to stroke the right side of the neck - 1 minute, then the opposite hand -rule left.

Shiatsu for overall health

insomnia - knead earlobes fingers and points located 1 cm from the outer corners of the eyes.

from eye fatigue - massage the base of the nose near the tear ducts.

from back pain

  • Press on the point, which is in the middle of the crease behind the knee.
  • Malaise menstrual
  • Massaging point in the middle of the forehead.

Shiatsu is very convenient because you can make it anywhere, anytime.Eastern wisdom save us health and youth!

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