Mango oil: Properties and Applications

Mango butter

The mango butter is useful for our health and beauty

Mango - exotic for our edges of fruit that grows in the tropics.It has a very pleasant sweet flavor and a juicy taste.Mango oil is produced from the seeds called Mangifera Indica, which is translated, actually means "mango tree".Homeland of the fruit is considered to be sunny India, but today there are a large number of trees native to the region of North and Central America as well as in several Asian countries.This may also include Australia and Africa.There is also a plantation of mango in parts of Europe (such as the Canary Islands, Spain).

When the fruit is fully ripe, it has a solid color (it can be green, red, or, for example, a yellow tinge) and the alluring scent.

Features composition

Products processing mangoes made to rank in the category of so-called solid oils of plant origin that are different (another name - Butter).For this type of oil is peculiar enough solid consistency.For example, at a temperature of 20-29 degrees, i

t resembles a little brick softened butter, and if the mode is increased to 40 degrees, it will rapidly melt.Probably the main difference output processing mango is that oil has no pronounced flavor, rather it can be defined as a neutral.Color also in this case ranges from white to, respectively, pale yellow.

As for the chemical composition of the product, it should be noted here that the oil has a large amount of monosaturated fatty acids: linoleic, palmitic, oleic and others. There is also the presence of vitamin C, A, D and E, group C, magnesium, folic acid, iron and potassium.In the composition of cosmetic products are present components that can improve the process of updating the upper layer of the skin (phytosterols, tocopherols).

unique properties of mango butter

if the nominal list features mango butter, it is regenerating and anti-inflammatory effects, softens and moisturizes and sunscreen effect.This is one of the most effective ways to treat all sorts of ailments and skin diseases.For example, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, skin rash, etc.Some use it helps to cope with muscle pain, as well as significantly reduce the spasms.It is able to reduce the overall fatigue of the body, stress, etc..

unique properties of mango butter identified its widespread use in the manufacture of various cosmetic products and tools, particularly for complex massage.

The product strengthens the possibility of regeneration of natural lipid barrier of the epidermis, maintains moisture levels of the skin.Actually, thanks to this particular mango butter is an excellent solution after bathing or visiting the baths.

Of course, the main purpose of the oil produced on the basis of the mango is a complete skin care, as well as the hair and nails.The product is ideal for those whose skin may be called combined, normal, sensitive, dry and even oily.If you regularly use this tool, the skin takes on an extraordinary softness and tenderness, it becomes more elastic.

Today, mango butter and actively used in many cosmetic and prophylactic agents.Many manufacturers add it in lotions, creams, balms and so on. However, the consistency in this case is usually not more than 5%.

Using mango oil in cosmetology

oil-based mango is very actively used in the cosmetic industry, in particular cosmetics.And all because of its unique properties can make your skin soft and radiant, and her hair - strong and obedient.The product can be used both independently and together with other means of care.Of course, it is best to focus on essential oils.

significantly increases the effectiveness of masks, if in the last add a little oil mango.You can also simply be lubricated with this product those areas of your body that need extra care: feet, elbows, and so forth.