Autumn Peeling: Tips beautician


Autumn - time for the peeling skin.Introduction to the recommendations of the cosmetician

Peeling - removal procedure of the upper layers of the epithelium of the skin.This procedure was done in ancient times caustic substances.But nowadays, when peeling became popular, became known more rational and safe methods.

Chemical peeling

There are two types of peeling: chemical and mechanical.Chemical peels - a procedure using acids and other chemicals, the effects of which provides a peeling layer of dead cells that activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, stimulates the production of new cells and promotes skin rejuvenation.

Chemical peeling not only cleanses the skin but also updates it, smoothes, tightens pores, removes scars, wrinkles and age spots.

Chemical Peels makes several types of acids: glycolic, fruit, trichloroacetic, retinoic, fetinovoy.

Peels decide superficial, middle and deep problems.Deep peels - a radical method, which requires a long period of rehabilitation.They a

re carried out only in specialized clinics.Superficial and median peeling - in salons and beauty centers.

Superficial peels Superficial peels

- a glycol and phytic peels, which is also called "summer."

Glycolic Peeling - is the most common procedure.It is easy to carry and does not require a period of rehabilitation.This procedure is shown to eliminate acne and prevent skin aging.It improves complexion, evens skin tone, lighten hyperpigmented areas, there is a lifting effect.Usually the procedure is carried out on a course of 6-7 treatments.The effect of peeling is precisely the frequency of exposure, which causes the skin to return to defend the powerful synthesis of collagen, which leads to rejuvenation and lifting.

median peeling

the median peeling procedure is TCA (15%).These peels solve a broader range of problems: enlarged pores, scars, pigmentation, "floating" the relief of the face.They require a period of rehabilitation, during which must be protected from sunlight.As a result, it is changing the structure of the peeling of the skin, which restores and rejuvenates.Due to the new active cell skin thickness increased, but the thickness of the stratum corneum decreases dead.Also, it increases blood flow to the skin.It becomes more elastic.

Generally, early spring and autumn - the most suitable period for any course of peeling, although phytic peels are recommended in the summer, as they do not require special protection from direct sunlight.

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