Beauty secrets of famous women in the world

Beauty secrets of famous women in the world

their secrets skincare divided Aishwarya Rai and other famous women in the world

Skin Care - one of the main factors in maintaining the beauty of women, her youth and grooming.Several well-known women in the world will share with us the secrets of ancient household how to skin in their countries.

Skin Care - Aishwarya Rai, Indian model and actress

Pride Oriental women - they are gentle and smooth skin like silk and it's all thanks only to the fact that in India, the home of cosmetology widely used coconut oil and almonds.Coconut oil is excellent relieves inflammation and effectively treats fungal lesions, and ground almonds is an excellent exfoliant.Mineko Iwasaki

- the most famous geisha of today

Japanese women have always been famous for its fine, soft, white skin.How did they manage to achieve such an effect porcelain skin?Japanese women just use the local popular cosmetic - a scrub made from rice bran.Bran is placed in a bag, then moistened and rubbed his face and body.Such scrub

not only cleanse our wonderful skin, removing the stratum corneum, it also nourishes it with nutrients, especially vitamin E, which is known for its antioxidant properties.

Elle Macpherson, Australian fashion model

Australian women prefer to care for face and body using mostly olive oil.They are simply applied to the skin an effective product, then, for a few hours, the oil must be absorbed.Thereafter, its remains are removed with warm water.Many Australian used for food and cleansing of the skin products winegrowing: grape seeds are used to peel and juice of berries, filled with vitamins, nourishes the skin with bioactive substances.

Adriana Karembeu, a Czech fashion model

Czech girls always attract the attention of the freshness of the skin.This is not surprising, because the indigenous residents of this country, following the traditions of their grandmothers used to wash fresh milk, which is great moisturizes and cleanses the skin.It should be borne in mind fat milk is suitable only to owners of dry skin and for skin that is prone to fat content, it is recommended to use only low fat dairy products.In addition to washing, you can use milk and water as a basis when making a hydrating mask for the face.Vitamin A is found in milk, refresh the skin, vitamin E, take good care of it, the B vitamins perfectly smooth wrinkles.Protein keeps your skin from drying out.Perhaps no other product can compare with the milk close the wealth necessary substances.

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