How to make eyelashes long and thick

How to make eyelashes long and thick

How to make our eyelashes long and thick?Consider ways to deal with this problem

Eyelashes help our eyes to be more expressive and look give subtlety and mystery.But to the eyelashes, in addition to its protective function, performed even decorative, decorating and emphasizing the eyes, you need to look after them properly.It can confirm every woman and happy owner of thick long eyelashes is no exception.

loss of eyelashes - a serious problem

loss and growth of eyelashes - a natural process.Do not be upset if you find one precipitated cilium, because in its place will rise another necessarily.However, if these cilia becomes every day more necessary to reflect on closer attention in caring for them.

How to deal with loss of eyelashes?

Firstly, always remove makeup before going to bed (in this case it comes to mascara).This procedure can be performed using a cotton swab dipped in a special emulsion or cosmetic milk.Another pleasant procedure for eyelashes - combing.Using a brush, which are

wetted with castor oil.We comb our cilia in the morning and evening, in the direction of the brush from the bottom up.

addition of castor oil, the cilia can handle burdock, linseed oil or oily solution of vitamin E. Gently rub the substance in the eyelids and eyelashes before going to bed, and soon you will feel the positive result.For even greater effect, at the same time should be useful vitamins A and B, it is written in many articles about health.Also it does not hurt to periodically massage age, have regular physiotherapy.This will help reduce inflammation, improve metabolism, normalize blood circulation.

excellent folk remedy against loss of eyelashes is a mixture of castor oil and burdock, aloe and oil solution of vitamin E. All of these components must be mixed in equal parts with a pipette and poured into an empty (clean) bottle of ink.Every night before going to bed gently apply the mixture on the lashes flick of the brush.Within a month of such procedures, you will notice that your eyelashes have grown and strengthened.Sometimes I use prepared means for prevention.

In folk medicine, there is another, strengthens the lashes.Prepare a decoction of dried flowers cornflowers and daisies and wash their eyes.

loss of cilia not only harms our physical appearance, but also adversely affects mood.In addition, the cosmetic nuisance indicates a more serious processes: eye diseases, inflammation of internal organs, a weak immune system, allergies to cosmetics.Therefore, if your cilia fall too much, you should seriously worry about his health.