How to lose weight for the New Year 2012?

how to lose weight for the New Year 2012

How to lose weight for the New Year 2012 without harm to health?

Before the New Year 2012 is not much time, and if you decide that the holiday would be nice to lose a few kilograms - do not put weight loss in the last days.To

bought the New Year dress sat perfectly, you need to take care of harmony in advance, and it is advisable not to opt for this strict dieting and extreme weight sgonki ways.And so you will have a difficult test, for weight loss - it is always stressful for the body, but when you consider that after the "hunger strike" is waiting for you a week of heavy feasts - body burden increases significantly.How can I lose weight for the New Year without harm to health?

How to lose weight for the New Year 2012 in the past month?

three to four weeks - is the best time for weight loss and the safest way to get rid of the extra kilos. course, ten kilograms during this time is not to lose out, and not even worth trying, but to lose weight by 3-5 kg.It is quite real.Special Victim

s do not need all that to you is necessary - to review the diet.He, by the way, during this time can become a habit, and it is possible that the body felt light, you give up heavy salads and cakes, preferring vegetables and healthy food.To meet the pre-New Year diet need to remember a few rules and abide by them.

What banned?The first list fall: pasta, flour, pastries, potatoes, jam, chocolate, white bread, jam, all kinds of cereals, soda, bananas - in these products much sugar.In the second list of products containing harmful fats and carcinogens - all smoked and fried foods, bacon, sausages, chops.Exclude from the diet of pickles and marinades - it retains fluid in the body and causes swelling.An exception can be made for the sauerkraut - it has a lot of vitamins.

What can I eat? completely fatty foods do not give up, just eliminate the harmful fats.Good fats are in fish (especially marine), vegetable oils, nuts, pumpkin seeds.Necessary for healthy carbohydrates is in the beans and pulses, fresh fruits, vegetables, buckwheat, oatmeal, bran bread, brown rice.

Drinking regime. During the day, drink at least one and a half liters of water - a simple or mineral (without gas).Among other drinks - a cup of black coffee, 2-3 cups of tea (black or green), vegetable juices.From fruit juice is better to abstain, especially packaged - no vitamins in them, but sugar and preservatives in excess.

physical activity. More traffic!Try to find time for fitness, the gym or home workouts, jogging, walking.Walk on foot, give up the elevator, walk before going to bed.The effectiveness of diet will increase if giving physical exercise twice a day for 20-60 minutes - then you will be able to stimulate the consumption of fat, cause the body to burn its own stocks.Do not neglect these tips - for a beautiful figure is not enough to lose weight, your muscles must be toned, elastic.

How to lose weight for the New Year 2012 in a week?

Unfortunately, often struggle with being overweight begins a few days before the holiday. List of fast diets is quite wide - kefir diet buckwheat diet, grapefruit diet, protein and other.Choose the one that you think is best to transfer the body, and which consists of those foods that you love.

But keep in mind - the effect of the fast diets is rapidly disappearing, and against the backdrop of the upcoming feast of the lost weight will come back double.

In addition, quick diet - it's always a great stress to the body, the effects may not be the most pleasant.As to whether such a risk, and if you need it just before the holidays - it's only you.

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