Where to celebrate Valentine's Day - a review of popular cities

Where to celebrate Valentine

In what city celebrate Valentine's Day: Exclusive recommendations magazine «f-Journal.Ru»

As you know, Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day around the world.And many couples are tormented by the question, where to celebrate this holiday?You can arrange the restaurant a romantic evening by candlelight for their halves, you can go to the movies or go skiing.But today we want to dwell on the other options.

Rest in Valentine's Day can be carried out in one of the romantic cities.Consider the list of the most visited places for the round trip on Valentine's Day.

In what city celebrate Valentine's Day


This is the most romantic city, visiting which you can enjoy a lyrical atmosphere, hovering over this city.The most romantic district of Paris - Montmartre.Here create their masterpieces many artists, they paint portraits of people strolling.Also here you can enjoy a radiant white light Sacre-Coeur basilica.Eiffel Tower love can drink a glass of champagne and enjoy the beautiful pa

norama of the city.


This is one of the most romantic cities in which the holiday is possible to diversify a gondola ride and amazing singing gondolier.The same romantic atmosphere reigns at the Bridge of Sighs - a favorite place for lovers explain their feelings.Be sure to ride on the waterbus to the islands of Burano, Venetian lace selling or Murano, glorious for its glassworks.


most romantic place in Rome is the Trevi Fountain.Approaching him, you immerse yourself in the beauty of the delicious water, lit by the rays of the sun.Make a wish and throw a coin into the fountain, and your wish will come true - you're bound to come back here.For lovers there are special tubes from which they drink water.Declaration of love to make you better at the Spanish Steps - a sample of architectural beauty.

New York

This town beckons its perfect and proud skyscrapers.The most perfect place for couples - Central Park.The atmosphere is incredibly romantic setting.Romantic Valentine's Day you can spend in Manhattan, visiting the chic restaurants, where you can comfortably sit and have a candlelight dinner.Brooklyn Bridge - a place that symbolized with travelers of all couples.


most romantic Spanish city in which there is love to visit.For example, the architectural creations of Gaudi Cathedral, or "Sagrada de surname".Spend a lovely conversation, walking through the local and Diagnol Ramblas, famous for its flamenco dancers.Here you can find the sunset with his companion on the mountain of Montjuic.On the mountain can be reached by cable car.Romantic atmosphere also reigns in the cafe on the beach.


Although this city is famous for its persistent fog, he is also a place for the celebration of Valentine's Day.Stroll along the banks of the Thames, sit there on the bench and watch the indescribable and lighted clock Big Ben.The unconventional spend a romantic evening on the Ferris wheel, which offers beautiful views of London.


This is one of the most fabulous parts of the world.Even in winter there is something to see.Visit the Prague Castle.Chime six hours of summer inspire you the most passionate recognition for their halves.Arrange a gala dinner at Kampa Park on the shore of the river.Do not forget the Charles Bridge - the oldest landmark in Prague.


where lovers can spend long walk through the narrow streets, visiting small shops, buying gifts and souvenirs, cafes, where you can mark the holiday.You are sure to enjoy their signature dish - veal schnitzel.Visit this day the Vienna Philharmonic and hear the famous Viennese waltz.

San ​​Francisco

On Union Street, you can buy gifts in love, in the shipyards Rybakov - oysters for lunch.Secluded from the noisy bustle of the city can be on the Island, Stella, and spend a romantic walk - on Angel Island.Return trip do on the Golden Gate Bridge - is a great place where young men always make their recognition of the beloved.

Thus, there are so many wonderful parts of the world, a city where you can spend and celebrate Valentine's Day.Choose what you want to present a story to each other, just for you!

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