Homemade cookies - original and unusual recipes


Recipes unusual homemade cookies

Do not worry!No exotic ingredients in the form of overseas or rare products is not expected, as well as many hours of marking time at the stove.All products are available, you need a bit of time, but what fun it went to - to join the process of children - family work in the kitchen is always welcome.Choose a favorite recipe for homemade cookies and start!

Homemade biscuits with peaches "Fried»

All we need - a package of puff dough, a jar of canned fruit (peaches, apricots), an egg and powdered sugar.

How to cook. dough is thawed.Fruits put in a colander - let the syrup flows.Separate the yolks from the protein.The yolk is useful to us for the test grease and protein, beat with powdered sugar - it will glaze (you can do without it).Now cut the dough squares in the middle of a fruit each put half the convex side up.Lubricate the edge of the dough with yolk, put in the oven (temp. 180 gr.) And bake for about 15 minutes - 20. Give the liver to cool down and

spread around the fruit glaze.All you have to wait until the icing hardens.

Homemade cookies "Handbags»

recipe for a series of "how to cram a useful product in your favorite baby" - if the children are not in any want to eat cheese - make these cookies.The stuffing in the "purse" can and putting any different - you never know what might be in a handbag!

Ingredients: 200 grams.cheese and butter, 2 tbsp.l.sugar, 1.5 cups of flour, vanilla sugar, half a teaspoon of salt, powdered sugar (for sprinkling), 1 egg (for lubrication).For the filling - dried fruit, chopped nuts with sugar, jam, apples - to choose from.

How to cook. Cheese, soft butter, sugar and vanilla sugar rub.Pour the flour, salt and knead a soft dough.Removes it for an hour in the refrigerator.Then roll out into the formation, a glass cut out circles.Cuts through the upper part of the glass circle (half-circle cut through).On the lower part of the circle put the filling, cover it slotted part and presses the edges.It turns petite handbag with a handle.Grease cookie egg and bake at medium heat for about 10 minutes.The cooled cookies can be sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Homemade cookies "Cones»

a result of simple manipulations with the dough, sand grit turns into a very original homemade cookies.

Ingredients: flour, 2 eggs, 150 gr.butter, 0.5 tsp.l.soda (extinguish vinegar), 4 tbsp.l.sugar, condensed milk bank.

How to cook. Beat eggs and sugar, pour in the melted and cooled butter and slaked soda.Gradually pour the flour.When the dough is sufficiently dense and as it will no longer absorb the flour, divide it into pieces and put them in the freezer.Then rub through a large grater directly to a dry pan.On medium heat, bake the cake 10 - 15 minutes.Give cool, hands cake breaks into small pieces, almost crumbs (or three on a grater) is mixed with condensed milk (you can still add the nuts).

Take a glass, lining it with plastic, which on the one hand the lubricating oil (oil side must be inside, not outside the walls).We fill the glass prepared mixture ramming, turn over and remove the tape.Sprinkle with powdered sugar.That's all the unusual homemade cookies ready!

Homemade cookies "Chocolate acorns»

Ingredients: 180 gr.flour, 70 gr.sugar, 80 gr.butter, 1 egg, 0.5 tsp.l.baking powder, vanilla sugar, 3 tbsp.l.chopped nuts, chocolate.

How to cook. melted butter mixed with sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar.Knead the soft dough, used to make small figurines in the shape of acorns.Bake on medium heat until tender.In water bath melt the chocolate, dip one end of acorns in liquid chocolate and crumble in the nuts.

Perhaps you have unusual recipes of homemade cookies - share with us!After all, with permanent employment is not possible to spend much time in the kitchen, and so want to please the family tasty homemade cakes!

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