Wedding in nature - Tips and tricks

Wedding Outdoors

How to organize a wedding in nature

Wedding in nature?Congratulations, you've made an excellent choice!And if you are still in doubt - here are some important arguments that will dispel doubts and some useful tips that will help in organizing the wedding outdoors.

Select script

wedding in nature is good because it is where to turn, you only need to include fantasy.A traditional option - to stay in country estate, and then - just like in a fairy tale - elegant carriage drawn by four white horses, or open an elegant chaise coachman, footmen ... Perfect wedding dress will look great on the background of countryside, and you do not have a long time to pose for a photograph, the pictures will be bright, beautiful.

If you want to depart from tradition and your guests - creative youth - arrange themed wedding.Brazilian Carnival, pirates, musketeers, dudes, western wedding or oriental motifs with indispensable hookahs and belly dancing - there are plenty to choose.For those who want all at once -

advice - arrange a masked ball - rest assured - you will have a great wedding!

Learning benefits

First , you can spend visiting marriage registration on their own schedule and scenario.Everything will pass without haste and bustle, you will not be compared with other couples, and your guests will not have to mark time in the lobby next to the alien visitors.You can make your script marriage that will turn the traditional exchange of rings in a magical ritual or in the romantic action.

Second - party outdoors - a great opportunity to impress visitors with all sorts of special effects.The options are many - from traditional balloons and confetti, white doves to "salute" of artificial snow or live butterflies, flying in a balloon.In the evening, be sure to arrange a laser show, fireworks, fireworks.

Third - you can make a stylish design and lighting of the entire territory, or at least a country house, tracks, tents, awnings.

But the main advantage course in the special atmosphere of boundless holiday - your wedding will in no way resemble the restaurant gatherings.

Tips for wedding

Boundless holiday - it's great.But for the limitless expanse of the wedding party is categorically do not fit.Safe and secure for all is if the wedding will take place in a fenced and guarded territory.

If you plan to exit unconventional marriage ceremony, conduct rehearsals with the musicians and the main actors to you at a crucial moment did not have to arrange all the places and suggest that someone do next.

to special effects impressed not satisfied infinitely long fire show.Divide fireworks, fireworks on time, every time a new surprise will not get lost in the mass of vivid impressions.

Book catering (Catering catering).It is very convenient and will save you from many problems.
Think music.

not forget about sending guests to the site of the wedding ceremony and back.Book a capacious bus.

and take care of the little things - banquet cards that "Sprouts" guest places, and souvenirs for guests.

plan ahead and think through all the details.Then, your wedding will be a fabulous, romantic and unforgettable.Well, we wish you good luck, love and happiness!

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