Futuristic wedding

futuristic wedding

People always had to want to look to the future, to lift the veil of tomorrow and see what is out there waiting for us?It is therefore always written so many fantastic books, shoot as many movies about the future.And our age is that what seemed absolutely fantastic and impossible even 10 years ago, today is perceived almost as a routine!But conducting wedding ceremonies, we once more turn to the explanation of the past, remember the old rites, interested in fashion of the past centuries.And why not surprise all unusual, futuristic wedding?

Where to draw ideas for such an unusual wedding of the future?Well, this, just, no problem - just browse the dozens of fantastic films and a sea of ​​ideas is guaranteed!But for the quality organization will have an unusual holiday, perhaps, resort to the help of professionals.It will be necessary to properly arrange the hall, and the program think.But first things first.

first thing that creates a view of the upcoming wedding, something that sets the mood an

d tone for the whole holiday - it is certainly an invitation.For a futuristic wedding unsuitable traditional paper cards - Paper general will soon disappear!The original version - a video invitation.Moreover, it can be as simple home video, filmed independently and as a professional mini movie.And it will look more original invitation cartoon movie, created specifically for you.Such invitations can be sent by mail on disk, give personally or sent via the Internet.

Regarding the registration of holiday accommodation, then here is only your imagination and resources.If they let you, you can hang in the middle of the hall a huge screen, give guests special glasses to show instead of the banal slideshow amazing 3D movie (advance, of course, prepared by professionals), which tells about your past, about the meeting and love story.You can arrange the whole room in the style of a brilliant chrome-plated metal and glass (all science fiction films is the main material is a chrome-plated metal), you can put glass, transparent tables, or simply use as tablecloths shiny silver satin or chrome film.

As for the wedding itself, and here you can come up with something unusual.Of course, no murals in the registry office - a wedding in retro style!Just exit the ceremony, and in some unusual place, such as on the roof of a skyscraper or on board the aircraft.And in place of the wedding registrar can simply stand the monitor and hold the ceremony online for you to be a person in a different place.For example, Japan was already a precedent when a robot conducted the wedding ceremony!

planning a wedding, please only really professional and experienced Toastmasters, for example, to such as Oleg Orlov - because only such a person can easily move away from hackneyed cliches and come up with a wonderful holiday in this unusual, bright style!

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