Wedding Outdoors

Wedding Outdoors

Wedding on the nature allows to realize all the dreams and wishes of the newlyweds

All newlyweds dream of a perfect wedding - not only beautiful, but also to make it different from others.And there is a wonderful option - to organize a wedding in the countryside.

How to organize a celebration on the nature

ideal for a holiday villa in the protected area.At the wedding, you can come in a carriage or on a white horse.

In order not to crowd in the registry office with other newlyweds can enjoy visiting the registration of marriage.In this case, the ceremony will take place in nature, without undue haste, and you and guests will remember this unusual celebration.The ceremony can be traditional or European style.

After the official part will start this fabulous spectacle.

you can organize a wedding in a certain style, for example, have a Brazilian carnival, or in the spirit of the times the three musketeers.And you can mix all styles to arrange a masquerade.Your guests will not leave indiffe

rent performances of magicians, gypsies and fakirs.

outdoor wedding has several advantages.Outdoor air - a complete room for a variety of special effects: the day can produce doves, balloons or confetti, and in the evening you can make a laser show and fireworks.For guests to surprise these special effects they need to carry out at regular intervals.

Do not forget that the weather often surprises, so be careful with tents and canopies that are stylish and originally decorated.They can be decorated with flower arrangements and garlands.They not only will hide from the weather or sweltering heat, but also will give a special unique charm.As the floor in the tents can be a ground cover or use a variety of decks.

For convenience, you can advance to the banquet tables spread out cards.As the furniture you can choose ordinary plastic tables and chairs and luxurious sofas.But the second option requires follow the furniture in the case of bad weather.

aware that organizing a wedding in nature, requires a lot of effort and financial costs.

Pay attention to the little things like a variety of bulbs, lights, ribbons and bows hanging on the trees.After all, it will create a festive atmosphere.With balloons you can build an arch or other structures.

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