Bodibalans - a new trend in fitness


beautifully toned body on a new fitness - method bodibalans

If your goal is fitness to achieve the perfect figure, beautiful posture and good ductility, you will bodibalans (bodybalance).This is a completely new kind of training does a good workout and stretching on the body.In the short term it will help to achieve a wasp waist and make the body elastic and fit.

What bodibalans?

In a literal translation - training the body balance.The system of training under this program combines yoga, tai chi and taytzitsyuan as well as modern techniques such as breathing exercises - Bodyflex and stretching exercises - Pilates.Breathing exercises, developing plastic and endurance.This technique helps to harmoniously and without peak loads develop his body: to strengthen and develop the stretch all muscle groups.

Bodibalans helps to improve the coordination and control of the body art. This technique is full of fitness exercises for the ability to keep balance when needed in various positions to keep a

balance, for example, be on one leg and reject the body to the side.Bodibalans not only an ideal corrector figures, it helps to achieve ideal proportions with little effort, but also relieves tension.

The effectiveness of this method lies in the control of breathing, concentration, and correctly selected sequence of movements. These interrelated elements as a whole, creating a unique exercise that can immerse the body in a state of balance and inner harmony.Upon completion of training you will feel like disappearing tension, muscle tone in the back and the whole body radiates energy.

Train bodibalans - exercises of medium intensity, which are aimed at burning fat and increasing muscle tone.The duration of each lesson is 50 minutes.

Train no contraindications, so everyone who dreams of grace, plasticity, and inner harmony with yourself can train your body by this method.Bodibalans is very convenient for beginners who have not yet developed muscular system, people who "live fitness" does not feel drastic changes.

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