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How to choose a stroller

How to choose a stroller

In anticipation of joyful expectation the birth of the baby happy future parents and their families together to buy in stores everything that can be useful to the infant.Of course, in the drafting of a long and detailed list of the number one is usually specified acquisition pram.In contrast to the Soviet era, today offers a huge selection of the "vehicle" for the newborn from manufacturers around the world.

Modern buggies do not cease to amaze us with its diversity, ranging from the unusual colors and ending with the original design, but nevertheless, the main criteria in the selection are safety, functionality and comfort.By making a purchase, it is important to remember that this pleasure will last accessory baby and his mom at least a year, or even two, so you need to consider some important points, as in the case of an incorrect choice of stroller may cause inconvenience and trouble.Let's try to figure out how to choose the right baby carriage, so that it becomes a good assistant and mo

ther delivered the baby maximum comfort, because they have to walk every day in the open air, and often on their own.

Important questions

Convenience strollers Convenience strollers

Experience has shown that the ideal wheelchair does not yet exist.So you just need to formulate their own requirements that you will consider when buying a pram, and they will help you to formulate questions:

  • What floor do you live?Does your home a lift?If so, find out its dimensions, to get the desired width of the wheelchair.
  • Will my mother to help make the stroller on the street, or it will do it by yourself?
  • where it is supposed to walk with the baby: on flat, paved path or paths in the park?Would not it be walking on the road pits or potholes?
  • In which climatic conditions you live?Especially important are the characteristics of the autumn and winter seasons.
  • Can you do a stroller or eventually plan to buy a lightweight stroller when your baby is able to sit?

answers to these simple questions, you will certainly understand that for you to be decisive when choosing a pram for the baby.

«Three in one" or "transformer»

three in one

Three in one

There are two basic types of baby strollers for babies: "three in one" (classicvariant) or "transformer".Advantages and disadvantages have that and the other options.

Pram "three in one" consists of the following parts: frame, carry cot and seat unit.Already available models, which have seat.Carry cot and seat unit are similar in that they can turn to wear on the frame, according to the needs and age of the child.Normally, cradles used until a child sits down.Later, the parents prefer the seat unit carriage, because due to flip back and raised footrest, the child is very comfortable to sleep on a walk.Wheelchair "three in one" easy to fold, rather compact, manoeuvrable and spacious, more than a stroller, "transformer", it has more modifications, and weighs about 40% less than the "Transformers" - all this, of course, affects herprice.


Wheelchair transformer

Pram "transformer" - a cost-effective option.It can be easily turned into a walking version of the "sitting" position of "lying".It is convenient because all the excess you can quickly detach and remove as much as possible thus facilitating the carriage, and, if necessary, and you can attach a "missing" items.Handle "Transformers" is thrown from side to side.Because of this functionality will be able to easily deploy mommy baby face him, or vice versa - from himself, giving him an excellent opportunity to review the full area.The advantages of carriage "Transformers" are: versatility, ease of use, compactness.But its disadvantages are: awkwardness, poor maneuverability, significant weight and lower location of the cradle than in a carriage, "three in one".

few tips

Tips for Choosing a stroller

Lladró wheelchair
  • A good option is to buggy width not exceeding 60 cm. This is a guarantee that it will go into any doorwayand a lift.
  • If roads that will take your daily route, not landscaped, poorly cleaned, and on the surface a lot of potholes, then buy the best terrain stroller with big wheels that will not get clogged with snow or get bogged down in the rainy season.From small wheels more shaking, they bumped quickly enough, and eventually begin to creak and disperse to the sides.
  • It is desirable that the housing stroller was lightweight and durable.
  • Option "three in one" important for mothers who are forced to lower their own wheelchair at the entrance stairs, and if she has assistants, you can use and "Transformers."

We hope that the above tips will be useful, but it is best that you go to the store and there, with the help of a sales assistant, liked to try out several options carriage: ride it, try to pick up, rehearse with the folding-unfolding-transforming.It is important to listen to your feelings, to feel there you have any difficulty or discomfort.Only by these samples will help you understand exactly what version of the pram will be convenient to your unborn baby and you.

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