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How to keep the beloved

How to keep the beloved

Today in books and women's magazines you can find lots of advice on how to please a man.Meet her knight, to charm him, to win his heart and live with him happily ever after - every girl's dream.The last stage is given the most difficult, because changes in the relationship is inevitable in life together, and it would be good to think in advance how to keep her lover, if you suddenly run through "chill" in the relationship.Of course, it would be great if this will happen, but anything can happen.Let's try to understand what is a girl to do to the man she loved feeling it is not cooled?

desire for novelty

Man the Conqueror

man conquering

In all ages men by nature were invaders and conquerors.That is why they subconsciously seek novelty in everything, including relationships with women.Lovely girl Accompany your loved one, keep it instinct conqueror time already it is so important for men.But behave gently, so as not to cause jealousy in him.Try to change yourself to become just the girl that

your partner will love you forever.If need be, become independent, strong, confident, successful, and sometimes you can afford a bit of bitchiness.In general, keep your man in good shape, and do all that he does not get bored with you.It is believed that if you're ready for endless stream of love of man - let him just love yourself.

Fear of losing

Playing with a man

game with a man

periodically call in fear of losing a beloved man - also an option but to resort to this method too often not worth it.Holding her man in some tension, you demonstrate your value in his eyes, showing that girls like you, no longer exists.Try refreshing your relationship with the game "closer - on."Be a man caring, sweet and affectionate, and then disappear for a short time, citing his busy schedule, he longed to.Let cute good to miss.Hold it at a distance.You can imagine what a storm of passion and emotions will follow your meeting!

There is another game that has to appeal to all Heartbreakers.It is called "today - tomorrow."This is the mood swings.Today you charming cutie, which praises the favorite for everything, all agree, in general, the ideal!And tomorrow "get up on the wrong foot" and become a bitch, naughty, do a bunch of comments, do not give even touch him.This all does not say a word to him about the reason for what is happening.Let's favorite think and will look for the cause in itself.In this game, the contrast is very important - for you loved one is always different and new.Home periodically change tactics, so he was not able to predict your behavior - actively connect their imagination.Make way to look at themselves in a new way.


Attract the attention of others

Engage other

will be good if you give your heart to understand the knight that he is not the only one in the world there are a lot of worthy men.Never try to force yourself!Let around you will be the man that you are interested in.A man should know what his girlfriend likes to many, and it belongs to him alone.Let your lover the opportunity to win your heart over and over again!The combination of "competition" with the "fear of loss" - is a great way to keep your relationship in good shape for years to come.


Playfulness and coquetry

playfulness and coquetry

Be playful coquette.You - a woman, and women inherent playfulness and ease, it is given by nature.Coquetry - the desire and ability to please men, confidence, openness to the signs of attention.Call often in itself this state, cute smile, add a little luster in the eyes of the evil one and go!Distribute smiles and compliments the small, participate in conversations, laugh at jokes, and you will see that the attention of the majority of men will be focused on you.It is important not to overdo it: Try to keep your distance and do not send any of the surrounding too explicit sexual signals, because they can be misinterpreted.It would be great if the impression of you as a fun and cheerful girl, a bit mysterious and flirtatious - and no more!


Choose a hobby

Select hobby

Most women accept the same mistake - throwing their hobbies and interests for the sake of a loved one.Men do not do that.And the result is that he is passionate about something, it is interesting to live, it develops and you are closed on your favorite, household chores and cares about your development and speech can not be.That is where the danger lies bored her man, for him to stop being interesting.So soon find yourself an exciting experience, develop, expand your social circle.All of this will emphasize your individuality, commitment and independence.Let a loved one is proud of not only her, but also your achievements.Let him see that you are - a successful woman.Be interesting to itself, and it will be interesting to others.

Discuss with your man plans and dreams, together build your life together.Embellish life pleasant walks in the moonlight, joyful events and pretty gifts.

If you use these tips, you will always be interesting and dear to the man, and certainly you do not have to hold it.

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