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Fashionable women's clothing 2015

Fashionable women

Every girl wants to be fashionable and stylish dressed.Today, any girl can choose in a variety of models of the unique style and style.

Key fashion trends of 2015

Volume embroidery on transparent fabric

Volume embroidery on sheer fabric

very popular in the coming 2015 Transparent clothing that allows to discern the outlines of a female body through the light material.But do not think that these models will suit only a very brave young ladies.Modern designers create these styles, which only lift the veil of secrecy and hide whatever is necessary so that any fashionista can safely wear a similar outfit.

Lace, dominating all evening and cocktail dresses.In these models, you will look very romantic and cute.Also quite popular is the grid, which is actively used in the multi-layer clothing.It is decorated with all sorts of additional patches.The grid can be seen in dresses, skirts, tops and even handbags.

in fashion as a major weaving and knitting.It can be quite open dresses or shirts and blouses, created from knit

ted scarves and belts.It is also very popular in the coming fashion season perforation.

Many bows on clothing allows women to emphasize the waist or decorate your neck instead of a scarf.It is also quite common decoration patterns sorts ruffles, frills, ruffles, fringe and embroidery.

Note! real fashion trend can be regarded as garment decoration bulk flowers, rhinestones and sequins.

They decorate evening dresses and casual clothing, jeans, pants and shorts.

Very popular are corrugated materials from which sewed dresses, skirts and even belts.

Colours and prints

Yellow cocktail dress with lace

yellow cocktail dress with lace

Fashion 2015 women affects the abundance of colorful and fascinating colors.

Note! Today, at the peak of popularity of solar colors: orange and yellow.

In addition to these colors, ladies prefer to update a wardrobe, preferring pale shades that are very advantageous to look at the bronze tanned skin.It's all shades of white, including a little silver, milky, pearly, gray, almond, and others. The most popular are colored in blue colors: blue, turquoise, aqua, navy, etc.Do not forget about the metallic shades, as well as the unchanged classic combination of black and white.

In fashion peas and a variety of bars, both broad and narrow.Also quite popular combination of different bold patterns.

Note! very fashionable topic of the East.If you do not want to keep up with fashion trends, it is recommended to buy clothes with oriental flavor.

It could be dresses in kimono style or model, decorated with birds of paradise, cherry blossoms or lotus.

Another topic - Tropical.Colours hot tropical summer are very popular in modern clothes.Dresses, skirts and blouses, decorated with gorgeous flowers, birds of paradise and green palm trees will look very appropriate.

Finally, the theme of Safari.Wearing clothes imitating tiger, leopard, snake or reptile skin, you do not fall behind the fashion.


Treads long jumper

Treads long jumper
  • At the height of fashion again boots that look great with extra long knitted jumpers and sweaters and tight-fittingtrousers.This shoe can be made of leather or suede.Welcome black, gray, sand, brown and other shades.
  • tight jeans.Fashionistas prefer different shades of blue and scuffed roughness.
  • Quite popular are fitting leather leggings and capris and pants of bright juicy colors.They go perfectly with pale translucent blouses and stylish jacket.Do not go out of fashion and trousers with saturated interesting print: floral, geometric, etc.
  • new trend - a rather wide pants.They are loved by many young ladies for being perfectly conceal small flaws of the female figure.These pants are recommended to wear a voluminous blouses or blouses and shirts.
  • During the cooler perfectly complement your image stylish coat, made of wool, cashmere or jersey.And the style can be a classic, which is appropriate to be combined with a strict suit or nice dress and very free, perfectly complements the trousers or jeans.
  • Flying dresses and skirts with floral bright print - a real trend this season.Photo girls on the catwalk showcasing the models of famous designers - present proof.Lightweight chiffon dresses can successfully complement a warm knitted cardigan.Do not forget to emphasize the waist strap elegant - the new and trendy image is ready.
  • -fitting mini dress, showing the beauty and feminine shapes, are also quite popular.And if they still are made of shiny fabrics, you will undoubtedly be the star of any club party.
  • dress-shirt cut free from the bright prints gained popularity thanks to his undoubted convenience and incredibly feminine.
  • -fitting T-shirts, just repeating the silhouette of a figure, as well as variations of wrestling, opening the blade and armhole model, which leaves open the shoulders, women of fashion will be very much in demand this year.

The coming fashion season brings an incredible amount of beautiful girls model clothes, you can experiment with the way and stay on top.


Dress with floral print skirt and pleated

dress with floral print skirt and pleated

Silvery dress with an unusual cut

silvery dress with an unusual cut

The turquoise dress with embroidery

turquoise dress with embroidery

striped dress

striped dress

Dress - shirt with embroidery

Dress- shirt embroidered

Dress in peas with a wide belt

Dress in peas with a wide belt

Dress in peas with Strap

Dress in peas with strap

Dress with ruffles

dress with flounces

Black - white dress

Black - white dress

Long chiffon dress with floral print and a belt

Long chiffon dress with floral print and belt

Short dress metallic colors

Short dress in metallic

The dress made of transparent fabric with embroidery

dress of sheer fabricembroidered

Chiffon Dress

dress of chiffon

Bulk flowers on fabric

Bulk flowers on fabric

Flower print

floral print

Dress - shirt with floral print

dress - shirt with floral print

Floral prints on trousers

floral print ontrousers



Jeans with rhinestones

jeans with rhinestones

Leggings and T-shirt

leggings and T-shirt

Skirt tropical colors

skirt tropical colors

Shirt with oriental ornaments

shirt with oriental ornaments

Chiffon blouse with lace inserts

Chiffon blouse with lace inserts

Mesh and lace blouse

mesh and lace blouse

Transparent blouse

transparent blouse

Knitted Blouse

knitted blouse

Dress large knitted

large knitted dress

The elongated sweater

elongated sweater

Broad jacket with pants

Wide jacket with trousers

Coat bright color

coat of bright color

Coat leopard

Coat leopard

Coat with jeans

coat with jeans

Coat with shoes

coat with shoes

Classic coat with trousers

classic coat with trousers

High boots and coats

High boots and coats

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