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Who should buy a wedding dress

Who should buy a wedding dress

There are many traditions that reflect the correct distribution of the wedding costs: it buys the groom that the bride herself, and that the parents of both parties.So it is believed that there are items that should just buy the groom: wedding rings, bouquet of flowers for the bride, a suit for himself.The costs are associated with the photographers, cameramen, banquet hall decorations, wedding procession, usually paid by both parties on 50 50.

And what the most important thing for a young bride?Of course the dress!Who should buy a wedding dress the bride in our country it is still an open question, the exact answer to that one is not found.In certain countries, such as countries in Central Asia, for centuries believed and continue to believe that the whole outfit totally bride (starting with shoes and ending ornaments, all of which should be golden) should acquire the groom.

Today in many forums brides passes very stormy debate about who buys the dress to the wedding: the bride and groom?

Expresses his opinion, as the current of the bride, and only the last day - the wedding.Yet most of the girls said that the cost of buying a wedding dress should be borne by the party of the bride, but rings and flowers - care of her future husband.Some brides are similar in their opinion that all costs are very convenient to divide in half, the total cash collected, from which the money will be allocated for expenses.But, if the groom wealthy and quite able to pay all himself, so why not do it?

In our country, many traditions and customs are gone, especially noticeable on large cities and metropolitan areas.One custom of almost all the girls hold firmly - the groom can not see the bride until the wedding ceremony.However, as the groom should not see the groom's outfit.

Tradition does not show the bride and groom outfits the wedding

Tradition skip dress the bride and groom before the wedding

Although today adhere to this custom is becoming increasingly difficult, because there is such a wide variety of shapes and styles inwedding fashion, it is very easy to choose outfits for the bride and groom, which absolutely will not fit together.Therefore, it is best to first choose a dress for the bride, believe me, with a huge choice is quite difficult to do.Already under the wedding dress and choose a suit for the groom, because simply buy the right.

If it really wants to observe the custom of not seeing each other's outfits can be when choosing a dress and suit to take a third person, who will suggest what style of dress you need to choose.And for the bride is much more pleasant and easier it will be to choose the dress is not alone.After all, this is a very important moment, which will depend on your mood on a holiday.It is therefore clear desire someone to consult and get the right advice.

In connection with this question, "Who should buy the bride" is transformed into a question of "who is to take care when choosing a wedding dress."This may be a relative, whose opinion you trust and who listens to advice.And you can invite your future witness: it is closer to you in age and usually knows more about fashion trends.Just before inviting her to buy a dress, consider this: you believe in her sincerity?Your taste for things a little bit similar?And in general, usually with a selection of dresses to take my mother, sister or close friend.The best option is to take with them not more than two people, otherwise avoid conflicting opinions.And it is not how much you do not help, but only confuse and display of itself.

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