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How to display a tattoo at home

How to display a tattoo at home

Tattoo - is not just a picture.The image is a reflection of man's inner world.But in today's world, many are willing to decorate their body just "a beautiful picture", even assuming that it could mean.So before getting a tattoo.It is necessary to reflect on its meaning.

Tattoos have become part of our lives.The appearance of colorful drawings and modern technique largely contributed to a change in opinion about the drawings on the skin.Now very few people believed tattoos prerogative of criminals and "rewind his sentence in jail."Young girls and adult women want to adorn themselves with one or another image symbolizes something important and interesting.

Many salons offer their services to all who wish to decorate their body in some pattern.Modern technologies allow fast and virtually painless to decorate your body.It is possible to make a temporary tattoo, which by itself will disappear after a certain period of time.But it happens that a change in social status implies a desire to get rid of t

he tattoo.How can we clean the skin of the figure?

Laser therapy

Laser therapy

In the salons remove tattoos using laser equipment.On the skin at the site of the figure applied thermal burn.After a while the scab falls away with the tattoo.

modern method allows you to selectively affect the laser on the skin.Beam breaks pigment particles vaporizing from the surface of the skin.Selective fotokavitatsiya recognized as the safest and most effective method of getting rid of tattoos.However, when using a laser such factors as the quality of tattoo ink and depth of its application to the skin.The paint is deeply ingrained, the harder it is to bring the picture.

mechanical method

Mechanical method

Figures from the skin also reduces mechanically.It involves removing the top layer of the skin along with the image.It is the procedure using local anesthesia.The tattoo is a reminder of the tremendous scar after the operation.The method requires a large amount of time.While the wound did not heal, you need to ensure sterility and disinfection.Otherwise, it may go infection that lead to unpleasant consequences and even the development of diseases of internal organs.

Pets methods

Pets methods

Before you bring home a tattoo, you should seriously think about the possible health effects.

other method of home therapy called barbaric.And rightly so, because people just are sometimes skinned alive off the skin without providing a sterile and obezzarazhivaya "tools".

All possible methods of information tattoos at home left scars on the body.Therefore it is necessary to think several times before to reduce their own tattoo.

most popular among "healers artisanal" is a method of thermal burns.Reaches such a burn with a solution of potassium permanganate, which should have a very high concentration of potassium permanganate.

The second most popular method is the combination of thermal burns to the chemical.For potassium permanganate is added in this case, even laundry soap.

Both methods are very painful and dangerous, because it can cause contamination of the blood.

There are several methods to note tattoos that require prolonged exposure to a particular agent.One such material is liquid nitrogen.Moxibustion held not less than ten times.

Some "artisans" are advised to reduce the tattoo milk.Milk intersperses in place of drawing with a needle, so that the image gradually fades.

can buy a five percent solution of iodine and three times a day to lubricate decorated place on the body.After two or three weeks drawing should go.Do not lubricate the skin clean and apply some bandages - you can get burned and the scar.

most barbaric methods appear:

  • use a soldering iron or blowtorch.It is dangerous, painful, effectiveness is questionable;
  • use grinder.Just living in tear off his skin.The machine or sandpaper - it's crazy and very dangerous.Therefore, it is not necessary to resort to such barbaric methods;
  • with a magnifying glass.It turns out a thermal burn, sun burn when drawing a magnifying glass.

Home healers artisanal methods - methods are dangerous, due to the use of which may develop not only skin diseases, but also come dysfunction of internal organs and systems of the human body.If you wish to make a tattoo should apply to specialized beauty parlor or salon.The most advanced technology will not only safe for the health of the skin clean, but also save you from severe pain.Of course, such a service is expensive, but there is nothing more valuable than your own health.