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How to apply self-tanning

How to apply self-tanning

bronze or chocolate skin tone is always fashionable and relevant.But not all sunny procedures are useful, but not always enough time for a natural tan because of modern lifestyles.Therefore, the best and safest way out in this situation is to choose for themselves a special tool that can simulate a natural tan.

This article will focus on how to properly apply the tan, what are the advantages of its use, and to clarify the basic nuances.

advantages of using tanning

Advantages of self-tanning

Benefits tanning

Using tanning, you solve a number of problems:

  • this tool allows to hide cellulite and excess weight.The fact that a dark body will look slimmer and without orange peel;
  • be able to get instant results, without burning the skin and not causing harm to health;
  • can buy unique complexion, for each individual.Since tanning allows even out skin tone, conceal flaws and so on.

Milestones and rules

Rules applying bronzer

rules applying tanning

Tanning can be in the form of a cream, or as a spray.But in a

ny case will have to observe a few simple but very important rules.Under this condition, you can get a smooth and even tan.The biggest danger in the use of tanning is that the skin can be covered with spots or colored stripes.

Let's take a closer look at the basic requirements for the application.

  1. Prior to the application of self-tanning skin must be cleaned with a scrub and moisten it.This is done in order to remove dead cells from the surface.In this case, in a natural tan and smooth.
  2. If you have dry skin, it is recommended to prepare for the application of funds in a few days, be sure to moisturizing and removing dead skin particles.Only then will an even tan.We must remember that scrubs dried skin, so it is recommended to use a soft sponge or special tools.Moisturize the skin is recommended several times a day, causing a corresponding oil or cream.
  3. Testing tanning Testing tanning When you purchase a new, untested brand tanning, it is necessary to test it on a small area.The fact that the number of tools on the skin can be any unnatural hue, for example, the carrot.A tan is not washed off within a specified period of time, so this part shade quickly fail.
  4. body after showering or applying the cream should be completely dry.Otherwise, there will be from tanning spots and stains.
  5. Tanning unevenly distributed throughout the body.So, it is manifested most strongly in the area of ​​the elbows, knees, neck and back of the wrist.This should be considered when applying means.
  6. Applying bronzer arms Application tanning hands Tanning recommended to put your hands, without gloves.Therefore, immediately after this process is necessary to wash your hands, fingers and nails.After some time, wash the tan will be quite problematic.
  7. process of absorption into the skin will occur within four hours.Therefore, it is recommended at this time not to wear light clothes and is strictly prohibited to take a shower and wash.
  8. use the following familiar only companies whose products you've used before.This will eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions.
  9. For natural tanning you must be sure to choose a cosmetic product that is suitable to your skin type, avoiding generic versions.

Apply tanning face

How to apply self-tanning face

How to apply self-tanning face

The most basic rule of thumb for a person recommended to use only specialized tool, a special cream, but not one thatIt is applied to the entire body.The fact that the facial tanning generally has gentle and gentle action.

dwell in more detail on how to properly apply self-tanning face.

first recommended to clean the face with a tonic with moisturizing effect.Then we start to put on the surface of the face tanning, excluding the area around the eyes.After this procedure, the face will look fresh and young and black eyes Mask.

The most important rule in this process is to eliminate the appearance of a "mask effect".It is recommended after applying tanning spread a thin layer of fat cream, following a clear line where the hair grows.Due to this border Sun relent and tanning will have a more natural look.

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