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Useful than grapes

Useful than grapes

Useful properties of grapes have been noted as far back as ancient Egypt, and he has since conquered the whole world not only for its unique taste, but also healing properties.Grapes as a remedy will be appreciated by all, without exception.

The beneficial components

Useful components of the grape

useful component of grapes

Grapes contain numerous vitamins and minerals.White grapes is a source of iron and helps to restore strength, and dark or red - a powerful antioxidant resveratrol, which accumulates in the skin and bones.It is several times more effective vitamin E. In addition, calcium is present in the grapes, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C and B6, and vitamin C is absorbed very well.

use in the treatment of


Treatment grapes

known that grapes:

  • prevents the development of cancer;
  • beneficial effects on the heart,
  • has a strengthening effect on the vessels;
  • prevents the formation of blood clots: it can be recommended for people suffering from the density
    of the blood - the grapes acts like aspirin, diluting the blood and facilitating the work of the heart;
  • relieves migraines, if you drink the juice in the morning;
  • normalizes the gastrointestinal tract;
  • used in the prevention of diabetes;
  • useful for asthmatics;
  • remains young and fresh skin.

Grapes rejuvenates the body, slowing down the aging process.Juice grapes and berries are eaten to cleanse the body of toxins.Pigments contained in the skin of grapes, strengthens the immune system, so it is dark grapes is more useful.It is believed that if a person drinks daily glass of grape juice or eats a bunch of grapes, he will always be healthy, it will not be able to overcome the infection, no sickness, no virus.

Grape wine Grape wine Talking about what is useful grapes, not to mention the medicinal value of the basic product for which the grapes were grown, and - wine.With that wine in moderation has beneficial effects on the body, you can not argue - this is proven by the example of the inhabitants of the wine regions such as the Caucasus.It was there that registered a large number of centenarians.A total of 200 g of natural red wine made from grapes, provides the amount of vitamin PP and P, which must be an adult per day.

use in modern medicine

The use of grapes in medicine

The use of grapes in medicine

P azlichnye pharmaceutical companies are already using the grapes in the production of dietary supplements.It is composed of extracts, extracts of grape.Especially prized bones and the skin of the grape.For example, the powder produced for the heart, consisting of crushed grape seed and grape extract, and, of course, a variety of restorative, tonic preparations.

Application in cosmetology

The use of grapes in cosmetics

The use of grapes in cosmetics

Since ancient times, the grapes in the service krasoty.Seychas any self-respecting cosmetics company produces necessarily means having in its compositiongrapes.This often face creams that use to the maximum antioxidant properties of grapes.Although cosmetics based on grapes can be made at home.From the pulp of the grape get a great mask that nourishes and rejuvenates, restores lipid balance of the skin.

The new generation of cosmetics grapes has been actively used as part of anti-cellulite, becauseit stimulates the breakdown of fats.

As you can see, the grape has many useful properties, but scientists are still finding it new applications.From recent research, it became known that grapes, among other things, treating male infertility.

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