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Inflammation of the adenoids in children

Inflammation of the adenoids in children

adenoids called modified tonsils, which are located on the roof of the nasopharynx.When the body penetrates infection or overcooling occurs, the area immediately reacts provides proper resistance, resulting in inflamed.Adenoids also called lymphatic tissue.

period of this type of tissue inflammation in children between two to ten years, ten years, the adenoids begin to atrophy and to eighteen years almost completely disappear.The function of the adenoids - is to protect the body from infection control, if the virus is still penetrates, the inflammation is inevitable.

dangerous to adenoids

Dangerous if the adenoids

presence of adenoids - is not a disease.They are present in all children under the age of ten years and are an excellent protection of the body from harmful factors.The main feature of the disease - an inflammation of the adenoids in children and a significant increase in their size.On how they are increased, determine the stage of disease.

Violation of nasal breathing - this is the third or fou

rth stage of the disease.The child begins to breathe through the mouth into the lungs and enters the cold air.But even the most is the emergence of a number of other related diseases.Inflammation of the adenoids has a devastating effect on the entire body: reduced immunity, there are infections and allergic reactions.

If there is an inflammation of the adenoids, the probability of possible:

  1. deterioration of the brain.
  2. problems in the formation of an occlusion.
  3. emergence of speech defects.
  4. Changes in the composition of blood.
  5. Malfunctions of the kidneys, nervous system, eyes and other organs.

cause of inflammation of the adenoids are mostly constant colds, infections, and physiological characteristics of a bad environment.

How do you know that have inflamed adenoids

How to understand that inflamed

How do you know that have inflamed

Symptoms of inflammation of the adenoids:

  1. presence of secretions from the nose.
  2. changes in voice.Adenoids prevent the formation of sound waves.There is a constant twang in his voice.
  3. child begins to hear the bad.There are otitis.
  4. Because mouth breathing is the emergence of bronchitis.
  5. presence of snoring in his sleep.
  6. The child a cough.
  7. child begins to get tired quickly.This happens due to the fact that as a result of nasal congestion in the body receives less oxygen.
  8. If adenoids grow strongly, the result of constant open mouth can begin deformation of the skull.

If your child has a massive lower jaw, smaller nose, mouth half-open state, on the face of the presence of inflamed adenoids.

How to treat inflammation of the adenoids

How to treat inflammation of the adenoids

the first stages of the effectiveness of the treatment and subsequent recovery is evident in the latter stages will likely only surgery.

If the amygdala increased significantly, the flushing of mucus, significantly improves breathing.Therefore, a child needs to wash the nose with warm water with salt and soda solution, you can also use herbal teas.Nasal lavage is the most effective way.Water as it passes through the nasal passages removes mucus and germs.After the washing process, significantly increases the effect of the drug.

To reduce the size of the adenoids, it is necessary to produce landfill protargola.With regular instillation surface inflamed tissue is dried, and the size of the adenoids is significantly reduced.Digging should be carried out twice a day, preferably morning and evening.The course of treatment is two weeks, a month is better to repeat the procedure.Before instillation, better wash nasopharynx water and baking soda and salt.

also better parallel conduct restorative measures.Take ascorbic acid, calcium gluconate, vitamins, and medications that strengthen the immune system.

One of the least effective methods of treatment is laser therapy.This is a completely safe method to have a positive result.Immunity as a result of the procedure increases, decreases swelling.

special breathing exercises together with the nasal lavage procedures can lead to a positive result.

Examples of exercises

Examples of exercises


  1. hold down the right, then the left nostril and take five deep breaths.
  2. Breathe two nostrils at the same time at a rapid pace.
  3. Dial a mouthful of water and recite long sound "m".Repeat several times throughout the day.

a result of exercise, breathing in the child recovers, strengthens the respiratory muscles.

Extreme Measures

extreme measures

If these methods do not help, then it is imperative surgery.The operation can be performed only if the child is three years, although there are exceptions.

Surgery is performed in the following cases:

  1. Spent treatment was not effective.
  2. presence of a constant difficulty in nasal breathing, the child breathes only mouth.
  3. presence of recurrent otitis.
  4. frequent sinusitis.
  5. Snoring during sleep, breath-holding.

removal occurs under local anesthesia, in some cases, under general anesthesia.The operation is performed in a few minutes, resulting in minimal bleeding.After two or three hours a child can go home.

recommendations after surgery:

  1. Within days, better comply with bed rest.
  2. Within a month, to refrain from physical exertion and prolonged exposure to the air.
  3. Compliance with special diets, eating only: cereal, yogurt, soup - soft and liquid foods, has no irritation.Cold, hot, spicy food - is strictly prohibited!Fruit is also better to exclude.
  4. Do not take a hot bath.All heat treatments to eliminate.

necessary before and after surgery to provide adequate psychological support to the child, so he felt, knew and understood what loving parents are always there, and at any moment to attend, help, support and protect!