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As a lengthen lashes

As a lengthen lashes

Fascinating wave of eyelashes any coquette crazy almost every man.What woman does not want to have a long, thick and velvety lashes, giving the view not only the depth and expressiveness, but the sexy and mysterious?Someone Mother Nature bestows such a luxurious gift, and the other women are forced to resort to various tricks, from eyelashes to build costly treatments in the salon.But there have long been many people's recipes, which with regular use helps to supply nutrients to the skin of the upper and lower eyelid, the bulb cilia, which stimulates the growth of each hair.How to lengthen the eyelashes with safe "granny" potions, read our article.

Ideal for the growth

Hydration burdock

Hydration burdock

One of the most effective ways to help grow long and thick eyelashes, for centuries considered to be the treatment of hair Burdock oil.Take advantage of it is very simple: before going to bed to put on a cotton ball a few drops of the magical "medicine" and attach to the eyelids.After a few

minutes to gently wash his eyes pleasantly warm water, avoiding contact with oil on the mucous membranes.It should certainly remove the remaining oil from the eyelashes, because otherwise, in the morning you can find not only allergies, but noticeable swelling under the eyes.Within 14-15 days of regular procedures for the evening you can please first results: the lashes will be much longer and be elastic, shiny.

Another method of applying burdock oil otraschivaniya cilia is also very popular among modern beauties.Empty bottle from under the carcass must be thoroughly cleaned from the remnants of cosmetics.As the brush handle.Then pour into the prepared burdock oil capacity and every evening you can enjoy a convenient set of eyelashes for processing medicinal oil.

Note! addition burdock miraculously stimulate the growth of eyelashes such oils as olive, peach, almond, castor oil, sea buckthorn, grape seed oil and Vitamin E - Vitamin feminine beauty.These gorgeous natural extracts not only help extend the lashes, but also have a beneficial healing effect on the eyelid skin, nourishing and moisturizing it.

Stop - vitamin deficiency and hard monodiet

Drink vitamins

Drink vitamins

deficiency of vitamins in the off-season - a very negative factor for the development of all human organs and systems, including keratinfibers that make up the cilia hairs.The lack of vital substances affects their condition: they become weak, brittle, often drop out.How to lengthen the lashes in the winter and spring?To preserve and multiply the density of hairs, and their size should be in consultation with your doctor, take vitamin and mineral supplements for one month.Monodiet worsening condition of the body, it is necessary to oppose a balanced low-calorie regular diet and adequate exercise.So you can simultaneously save and slender figure, and the keratin fibers (eyelashes, hair and nails).

popular and affordable - Vaseline



known that petrolatum - excellent moisturizer.If every day for 2-3 weeks to apply it with a brush to the eyelashes, the end of the course you will have to wait for the result of their excellent growth.

Lemon - interesting and useful addition to the oil

Lemon zest

lemon zest

in olive, castor, or any other suitable oil should add chopped lemon zest and a real "medicine" indark place for seven days.This mixture can be used to lengthen the eyelashes using lotions daily for 4 weeks.

addition of lemon in a mask for the growth of eyelashes can add aloe juice, rose oil, chopped parsley and vitamin A.

healing herbal compresses

Chamomile and Sage

Chamomile and Sage

¬ęGrandma "Pharmacy has long been famous for the abundance of effective recipes for improvement of the skin around the eyes, remove all traces of fatigue, as well as preservation of youth and the magic charm of long and thick eyelashes:

decoction of chamomile and sage. mixture of dried plant raw materials in a proportion of 1: 1, pour 200 ml of boiling water, boil on low heat for a quarter of an hour.Then insist broth, strain and use as a compress the evening after a hard day.

Camomile tea and flowers of cornflower. can optionally mixed with calendula and tea leaves.Pour the boiling water and infuse for a quarter hour to a day.Ready infusion filter.Lotion with a cotton pad and apply to eyelids infusion.They relieve eye fatigue, moisturize and nourish the skin of eyelids, eyelashes strengthen and promote their growth.



Parsley chop up mushy state.Wrap the ground in pieces of gauze and apply lotion to the eyes.After a quarter of an hour to wash off the remains of greenery.This mask can be repeated more than once in 7 days.

Broth nettle and burdock. plant material in equal proportions to mix and pour the boiling water.Infuse for 30-40 minutes, then drain and soak them cotton wool discs.Attach them to the eyes.Pause between procedures should be 3 days.After the course of such lotions lashes become much longer.

wondering how to lengthen the lashes, do not forget about the massage age, stimulates blood circulation, improves nutrition and metabolism in the skin around the eyes, which helps to strengthen the hair, increasing their density.Cilia growth is entirely dependent on the regular, high-quality care for them, and then fluffy and long "eye protectors" soon will make your eyes expressive and fascinating!


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