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How to paint eyelashes

How to paint eyelashes

Many women complain of one or the other ink, while not taking into account how it is suitable to the type of eyelashes and how well they do it is applied to the eyelashes.After all, in fact, many women simply do not know, not only about how to properly paint eyelashes mascara, and even on how to apply makeup.

To start find out what are the technology applying mascara on the lashes.And they just mass.

methods applying mascara

Methods of applying mascara

applying mascara by zigzags

When we put the selected mascara zigzag on the eyelashes still greater number of carcasses, therefore, the volume of your lashes seems great.Experts recommend this method of girls who are not very dense and not too long lashes, because long eyelashes when applying mascara zigzag can get a pretty not beautiful shape, but quite rare and short simply stick together.

applying mascara "blinking in the brush»

If you apply mascara "blinking in the brush" that gets a lot of cilia fluffy.By the way, the sooner you blink, the thinner lay

er is obtained at the end of applying mascara (of course, provided that the ink of good quality and has not yet old).Such a method is advised to those girls, which were not deprived of natural beauty and love to be natural.And do not even think about getting your eyelashes can be like a spider's legs, they will look very lush and natural.

Holding the brush when applying mascara

How to hold a brush when applying mascara

Most girls painted eyelashes, holding the brush brush horizontally, but sometimes that gets the originals, which are simply the most applied mascara brush tip.Experts advise not to do this, because the lashes are obtained completely unnatural, like a thick stick, because the ink does not rest on a single eyelash, and for a few, while the process of combing, as when using it in a horizontal position, no.While it may be that some women want to get exactly this effect.

How to paint the corners of his eyes

How to paint the corners of eye mascara

How to paint the corners of eye mascara

nice to make up the lashes in the corners of the eyes, you must first open the eyelids widely, especially with regard to externalarea.First you need to spend on the upper eyelashes, and then at the bottom, then just make up brush angle between them.

How many layers of mascara applied

How many layers of mascara applied to the eyelashes and why

How many layers of mascara applied to the eyelashes and why

number of layers to pick and choose, as a matter of taste, but in this case has its ownwisdom and cunning.

second layer is not desirable to apply directly to the completely dried ink, because the lashes will not look straight, broken and your mascara just osypletsya.This did not make sense to apply the selected ink as soon as you have done the first layer, as it is all just "scheshetsya."

best option - to make up one layer of upper lashes and go to the bottom, and in that time, they will dry to a suitable condition and do not forget how to paint the lower lashes.

Of course, it also depends on you use mascara.Quickly dries the mascara is better to put only one layer, as it creates on the surface of the eyelashes pretty stiff and dense film, which begins to crumble at the slightest mechanical impact, and your mascara, respectively, starts to crumble.In these carcasses provides quite a lot of moisture and oil oily substances.

Those carcasses, as part of which a lot of wax substances that have a fairly oily texture can be applied safely in the layer 2 and, as the drying time have a little longer, you can easily adjust the cilia failed.

oily or dry ink

How to distinguish oily or dry ink

How to distinguish oily or dry ink

distinguish carcasses before purchasing can easily do a little test.For this carcass slightly rub on your fingers and if it adheres blocked, it means that it includes more water, and if it is more like the sensations on cream, then it means that the greater part carcass oily substances.

brush eyelashes

Brush for eyelashes

Immediately after the strike mascara on the lashes, they can already be old comb or brushes or special raschesochkami, but need to do it as soon as you applymascara, do not wait until it dries.Brush made of bristles can give your eyelashes fluffy and raschesochki plastic partitions.

texture eyelashes

Texture eyelashes

key role in choosing the carcass play these natural eyelash: their thickness, length and texture.

  • Eyelashes with soft texture need quality rather thick mascara and a good brush that their rascheshet.
  • Eyelash stiff texture best suited liquid ink, and plastic brush or simply with a fairly stiff bristles.
  • Eyelashes with a rare texture best to paint a thick ink that will envelop each eyelash and carefully separate them.
  • Long eyelashes generally better not to paint with no mascara lengthens the effect because, first, such eyelashes will look sloppy and ugly, and secondly, because the ink will be printed on your eyelids.

In order to prevent this, you need to put on your eyelids simple base under shadows.This method will reduce the fat content of your eyelids and mascara not be able to touch them, to spread.It should also be noted that girls who have oily eyelids, it is better not to use waterproof mascara, because the fat-soluble base will start to flow in contact with the skin fat.In this regard, ordinary ink, which dissolve in water are more resistant than waterproof.


An alternative method for dyeing eyelashes

alternative method of dyeing eyelashes

There is another way to paint eyelashes - this paint.But how to paint eyelashes paint, knows very little girls.

  • The first thing to remember is that you can not in any case one dye eyelashes paint, which you paint your hair, because hair color is not suitable to dye eyelashes, as it pretty aggressive.
  • Buy only high-quality and good ink for your lashes, here it is better to pay more, but to buy the paint that will not harm your lashes.
  • Before you apply this paint, lubricate the skin around the eyes zinc ointment or fat cream, and the lower eyelashes to put on cotton wool soaked with water.Be sure to carefully read the instructions that came with the paint!
  • Of course, it is best to color eyelashes, will use the services of a beauty salon or barber shop in order to avoid getting paint on your eyes, as the procedure is done in the cabin with a well-closed eyes.

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